Scewo BRO.
Power wheelchair.
The new generation.

Scewo BRO Series One Gold

Scewo BRO

BRO and its
enchanting functions.

Driving dynamics

35 km max. range
10 km/h max. speed
5 cm obstacle height


Sensors and rear view camera
for increased safety and
better navigation.


Futuristic design in the attractive colours Sahara Gold, Polar White and Urban Grey.

Height adjustment mode

Raise the seat to 89 cm
or lower it to 44 cm


BRO can be operated via the control panel or your smartphone.


BRO can be adapted to your individual needs with various accessories.

Treppensteigen Stadthaus
Typisch Alltag – Grenzenlos
Fahrdynamik Altstadt
Sitzlift Regal

Technical specifications

Your BRO in detail.

Wheelchair class


Wheelchair weight

162 kg (incl. battery)

User weight

40-120 kg*

*Individual adjustments are possible for more lightweight users. Please contact a Scewo partner near you for this purpose.

Total length

1050 mm

Total width

688 mm

Hight seat plattform

630 mm


Total length

1050 mm

Total width

688 mm

Maximum speed

10 km/h, depending on legal requirements.

Turning rotation

1150 mm

Max. incline

6° / 10.5 %

Max. obstacle height

50 mm


25 – 35 km, depending on battery size

Hight seat plattform

600 – 630 mm



Type E


20° – 36° / 36.4 % – 72.6 %


30 steps/min

Max. obstacle height

200 mm

Spiral staircases

Not possible

Min. landing size

1150 x 1150 mm

Min. stair width

760 mm

Min. number of steps with one load



Total length

1135 mm

Total width

688 mm

Hight seat plattform

550 – 690 mm (19° tilt)

Max. incline backward

36° / 72.6 %

Max. incline forward



Only firm ground


Elektrorollstuhl Scewo BRO im Raupenmodus

Total length

Seat platform on top: 950 mm

Seat platform at the bottom: 1200 mm

Height seat plattform

440 – 890 mm, infinitely adjustable


Seat width (plate)

442.5 mm

Max. seat cushion width

460 mm

Seat depth

385 – 465 mm, in 20 mm-steps

Max. seat cushion depth

510 mm

Electric seat angle inclination/tilting

-5° – 19°, only possible in parking and crawler mode

Height of backrest

630 mm, from seat platform under seat cushion

Electric backrest adjustment

15° – 56°

Back cushion

Compatible with the Scewo back cushion «Backbone Basic» and various third-party products thanks to the lateral mounting rail.

Backrest foldable


Weight of backrest

11 kg, incl. armrests

Length of armrest

365 mm

Length adjustment of joystick

405 – 505 mm, from middle of back cushion

Height of armrest

190 – 310 mm, from seat platform under seat cushion

Distance between armrests

420 – 500 mm, in 20 mm intervals, up to 340 mm possible in custom design.

Length of leg support

320 – 420mm, from seat platform under seat cushion

Electric legrest angle adjustment

16°- 66° Bow to verticals

Base plate angle

Mechanically adjustable

Footplates foldable

Yes, individually


Lithium-ion, permanently mounted


20 Ah or optional 30 Ah


6.5 kg



Max. charging time

Ca. 5 hours

Voltage charger


Charging current


Charging cycles


Type of charging

Magnetic plug

Approved for aircraft

Yes, UN 38.3

IATA wheelchair classification: WCLB


Control console with joystick (can be mounted on both sides)

Buddy Buttons Compatibility

2 jack connections, on/off and mode selection


iOS & Android, at no extra cost


The software will continue to be developed while you are on the go with your BRO. Regular updates will make the range of functions of BRO and the Scewo BRO app bigger and better.


120 mm

Height (highest position)

893.5 mm

Height (lowest position)

650 mm

Min. Transport dimensions

1130 x 695 x 790 mm (Crawler mode with backrest folded down)

Crash Test / Passenger Approval

BRO complies with the requirements of ISO 7176-19:2008 and must be secured in the direction of travel when used as a passenger seat.

Six heavy-duty belts, tested according to ISO 10542 or DIN 75078 with a test force of at least 160 kg (heavy-duty class), must be used for fastening. Passengers are required to use the passenger restraint system (seat belt) of the certified vehicle at all times. BRO has designated wheelchair attachment points that have been tested and are to be used for this purpose. In the test procedure, the belt guide was awarded the highest rating of „Good“. The test was conducted with a dummy weighing 78 kg.

Access to and manoeuvring in vehicles can be affected by wheelchair size and turning radius. Smaller wheelchairs and/or wheelchairs with a smaller turning radius generally provide easier access to the vehicle and better manoeuvrability when facing in the direction of travel.


Motorbike pneumatic tyre with tube



Tyre pressure

2,8 bar

Options & Accessories

All information about options & accessories can be found here.

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