March 7, 2022 | #Partners & Business

TAPPE is our new Partner in Salzburg

Our partner network is constantly growing in Austria as well. With medical supply stores at 13 locations in the Salzburg region, TAPPE GmbH is another valuable partner for us. Read here what TAPPE stands for and how you can take BRO for a test drive in the Salzburg region.

The medical supply store, founded in 1921, is the best-known medical supply store in the province of Salzburg, with over 120 employees at 13 locations. TAPPE GmbH has up to 100 years of expertise in the fields of medical supplies, orthopaedic technology, orthopaedic shoe technology and rehabilitation technology.

«We strive to find customised solutions for every customer. For wheelchair users, stairs are an enormous obstacle in everyday life. We are all the more pleased to be able to present our customers with a solution in this area as well», explains Managing Director Hubert Kubin the partnership with Scewo.

Overcoming hurdles thanks to great innovations

In order to offer its customers the best possible service and to keep its promise «With us you are in the best hands», TAPPE always looks beyond its own nose, as rehab manager Boris Zellner explains. «We aim to expand the range of motion of our customers. We place a very clear focus on innovations that bring our customers real added value in coping with their daily challenges and can close gaps in care.»

This is exactly the kind of gap that BRO can now fill, says Zellner: «I have been working in the industry for 29 years, both nationally and internationally. In the process, I had to learn that you encounter completely different challenges when providing wheelchair care in Tokyo than in Buenos Aires or Salzburg as an example, but stairs are a big hurdle everywhere. To date, there have hardly been any adequate solutions. That’s why I was particularly pleased when I heard about Scewo for the first time a few years ago. In the meantime, we were also allowed to put BRO through its paces and are very enthusiastic about it!»

Your partner in the Salzburg region

From now on, you can also admire BRO in Salzburg and let yourself be amazed by its capabilities during a test drive. TAPPE also offers you comprehensive advice on reserving, buying and servicing BRO.

We are looking forward to a successful partnership with TAPPE and to seeing lots of BROs whizzing through Salzburg soon!