My first BRO

Your new everyday life with BRO.

BRO is the perfect solution to get around in everyday life, while discovering new, previously inaccessible places. Using BRO requires you to complete a training course with certified specialists. Take the following, simple steps to prepare for the training course and your new life with BRO.

Getting started with BRO.

Maintenance / repairs

How to have BRO repaired and serviced annually

Since we work together with renowned medical-supply stores, authorised service centres are available to you in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Skilled rehab technicians will carry out professional maintenance and repair work on your BRO. Check the map to find your local Scewo partner or call our customer support on +41 44 500 86 03.

If you are unable to take BRO to a Scewo partner for repairs or maintenance, we are happy to come to you for an expense charge. This way, we can provide BRO with first aid even at your home or workplace.

Questions about operation

How to find the right button.

From switching on to loading your BRO: in easy to understand step-by-step tutorials we explain the different functions of your power wheelchair once more in detail.