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Everything for your everyday life with BRO.

Thanks to regular software updates, BRO is becoming more and more intelligent and is constantly learning new functions. Here you will find an overview of the latest updates and all the documents you need in your everyday life with BRO.

Operating instructions.

BRO updates.

Software Version: 22.5.9

After the update BRO can do the following new or even better:

  • Car passenger mode: BRO can now also be used as a passenger. We have compiled instructions on how this works and what needs to be taken into account. Please note: This is only possible for customers with a Series One BRO (V1.1), as the Pioneer Series (V1) is not equipped with the car hooks.
  • Gradients: We have improved BRO’s handling on inclines, including especially braking and turning manoeuvres.
  • Thresholds: Driving over thresholds has become even better. BRO now supports you in the correct driving behaviour over thresholds. Similar to a lane departure warning system in a car, BRO helps you to recognise and regulate your speed when driving over thresholds.
  • Cancel mode change: As long as the change to another mode has not been completed, or the joystick still has to be moved, the change can be cancelled. To do this, simply select another mode via the touchpad or the app.
  • Charging: When BRO is fully charged, he switches off automatically to prevent the battery from discharging again. BRO also charges when he is switched off at the main switch. Please note that the mobile phone will also stop charging when BRO has finished charging. We recommend that you always switch BRO off at the main switch if you do not need him for more than 24 hours. If BRO is on stand-by for more than 24 hours, he must be switched off and on again at the main switch (wait 30 seconds in between).
  • Booting problems: If BRO does not switch on correctly, switch him on and off at the main switch (wait 30 seconds in between). If this remains unsuccessful after three attempts, the software version is reset to a previous one and BRO can be restarted. Afterward, the BRO software must be updated to the latest version again.
  • Driving mode (balancing): BRO’s balancing has been improved and the movement radius reduced. BRO, therefore, holds itself more firmly in place. Nevertheless, you should always keep a sufficient distance from solid objects. Because if BRO gets stuck, high forces will counteract due to the balancing behaviour when BRO tries to keep balancing upright.
  • Bluetooth: The Scewo App can now be connected via bluetooth with your BRO. This enables you to use your Wifi for internet to use your smartphone as usual. However, certain functions do still need a Wifi connection to your BRO e.g. the rear view camera, changig specific settings or making a software update of your BRO. In the android version the bluetooth connection can currently only be established through the remote controle mode.
  • Remote control via Scewo App: Now all motors of your BRO can be adjusted via bluetooth using the app. You will find this possibility in the tab “seating settings”. In the upper right corner you will see the bluetooth symbol which will change into the x-box controller once the bluetooth connection is set up. Please be aware that this function is only allowed to be used if no one is sitting on BRO. There is no automatic anti tip security. Hence it is neccessary to move all motors with precaution and to monitor the position of the big wheels. In order to make car loading more easy for you, you now have the possibility to save custom positions.

Software Version: 21.11.5

We have revised and optimized the following:

  • The transition from track mode to another mode is even smoother than before.
  • Also, the transition between park mode and height adjustment mode is now even more direct and fluent. 
  • The message for driving too fast occasionally came up in moments when this was not the case at all. We have adjusted this and the message now only appears when you are really driving too fast.
  • We also reworked the control of the LEDs to optimize their power consumption and lifetime.


Software Version: 21.7.9

After the update BRO can do the following new or even better:

  • If your BRO is in park mode, it is now even more stable because it always lowers itself onto the big wheels. If you now drive your BRO a little forward or backward, it will lift off the ground from this position and you will drive on the tracks and support wheels as before. Then push the joystick to the side to return to the lowered parking position. In this position, you are even more stable on the train, bus, or on ramps.
  • Until now it was not possible to drive 10 km/h if the joystick sensitivity was not at 100%. We have adjusted this and the speed is now no longer linked to the joystick sensitivity – it now only controls how sensitive the joystick is.
  • For your safety, you can no longer switch from park mode to drive mode if the ground is too steep. You have to leave the slope in track or stair mode. To prevent you from getting into such a situation in the first place, you can no longer exit drive mode via the app or the touchpad on terrain that is too steep. You can still exit driving mode using the on/off button on the interface.
  • If you plug in the charging cable, you wake up your BRO from sleep. This way, the mobile phone is also charged so that you are ready to go the next morning. This only works when the main switch is on.
  • We also have something for your ears. We’ve replaced all the sounds with new ones – turn the music on!



After the update BRO can do the following new or even better:

  • Stairs become even safer. Stairs that have small bumps or a slight slope in front of them (less than 8 degrees/resp. 14%) are now also possible. Steep stairs are also safer to climb. So more different stairs are now possible.
  • We have slowed down the hover-mode. This allows you to drive more precisely in front of a staircase.



We have improved the following:

  • If you sit at a table with the seat lift down for an extended time and your BRO turns off, he goes right back into that mode when you turn him back on. This allows you to reverse easily.
  • When switching from drive mode to park mode, there was often a rough forward jerk. This transition is smoother and more fluid after the update.



That’s what your BRO now can do or can do even better:

  • When climbing stairs, it recognizes the end more reliably. But be careful:
    You still have to stay sharp and intervene if necessary. Pay attention to the green star on the control console; it shows you that BRO has lowered the support wheels.
  • If BRO recognizes the end of the stairs too early and starts to lower the training wheels, he will automatically notice this and retract them again. You can then continue climbing the stairs.
  • BRO now tells you even more clearly what’s bothering him and what he needs from you with his notifications via the app, the control console, and the acoustics.
  • When charging BRO, you can now see on the control console and in the app whether he is properly connected to the cable and charging. On the app, you should see a charging sign, on the control panel the dots are charging.
  • Now BRO remembers if you have switched off the touch panel in the control panel. It will stay off until you turn it back on via the menu button.
  • Rear camera transmission now works on the iOS app.
  • Adjust the seat settings via the control panel. To do this, press the menu button for one second. Now the different motors light up. Press the joystick to the left or right to select the desired motor. Your choice now lights up green. Now you can move the motor by pushing and pulling the joystick. If the seat settings fit, simply press the menu button again and the ride can continue.
  • BRO remembers your seat settings from the last ride. He automatically adjusts them at the start of the next ride.

App updates.

You can find the Scewo BRO app also in the official App Store.

Download app >>

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • The app now allows you to drive at full speed on private property in Germany. Be aware that you have to disable this setting when driving on public ground.

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • The settings are now searchable, so you can find even faster what you’re looking for.
  • The settings have now moved back to their old place in the top left behind the cog symbol.
  • Some new notifications have been added, so you always know how BRO is doing.

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • You can now use the Driving-Focus. With Driving-Focus enabled, the app switches automatically to the home-tab when you drive.
  • You can now accept the terms of use simply in the app during the first setup.

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • You can now search for Updates on your own desire. Just go to the settings, select ‘BRO software’ and tap the ‘Check for updates manually’ button.

Version 6

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • Some adjustments for iOS 15 have been made.

Version 5

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • The settings of the app have been completely revised and are now more clearly arranged. You can now find them at the bottom left, where you will also find the controls for light, sound and speed. With just one tap, you can adjust everything important about BRO to your taste.
    If you go all the way to the bottom of the new settings, you can adjust the view to your taste and make the individual areas larger or smaller. Just try it out. 🙂
  • Now the screen of your iPhone always stays on when you are driving around with BRO. If you are out and about, you can set the screen brightness to 100 % with just one tap. However, your iPhone is set by default so that this is only possible automatically when your iPhone is plugged in. That way, your iPhone won’t suddenly run out of steam.
  • If you like to use a larger font, this is now also possible. And in such a way that you can read all texts completely.
  • For our French-speaking drivers, the entire app is now also translated into French – we wish you ‘bon voyage’!

Version 4

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • Now you can change from elevate mode directly to lift mode.
  • Reseting your center of gravity now also works with the new version of the BRO software.

Version 3

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • We have added more translations to the app. So you know at all times what BRO needs from you.
  • The icons of the Beta, Partner and Appstore version of the app now use different colours to be more easily distinguishable.
  • Users of the Beta version of the app can now tap on the Testflight button to directly open Testflight and install new updates from there.
  • The buttons to ‘Recover your BRO’ and ‘Extend support system’ are now more clearly visible.
  • We increased the contrast of some colours to improve the legibility throughout the app.

Version 2

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • We fixed a bug in the ‘Update available’ animation that could freeze the app.

Version 1

This is new or even better after the update of your app:

  • The whole app appears in a new look. When redesigning the app, we focused on usability and simplicity. We also adjusted the icons to improve the user experience.
  • The connection between your BRO and your app is more stable and will require less reconnection.
  • The texts have been revised and simplified.
  • Now you always have a cheat sheet with you: The new education videos are now linked in the app. You can find them in the settings under «Support». If you select «Video tutorials», you will be forwarded directly to the videos on YouTube.
  • To make sure you always know what your BRO is doing or what it requires from you, we have added some additional notes. For example, they indicate if you need to move the joystick or if your BRO automatically changes the mode.

Version 0.9

This will be new or even better in your app:

  • Everything is getting bigger! To make it easier to use, we have enlarged the buttons and the text. The bigger your screen is, the bigger they become.
  • Now you can choose the LED colors on your BRO yourself. For use on the road, however, we recommend the classic “car colors” – white in front, red in back. A button in the app lets you reset the colors after you’re done playing around.
  • The settings are newly subdivided and arranged more clearly.
  • After loading the BRO into your car, you can now simply disconnect the BRO from the Xbox controller via a button in the app.
  • We haven’t forgotten about the rear-view camera either. You can now simply zoom in on the image with your fingers. In addition, there is the option to display the image of the rear camera on your entire screen via the “Fill image display” button.
  • The texts in notifications are now displayed completely.
  • The iOS 13 operating system will no longer be supported in the future. The reason for this is that we only want to focus on one version, so we can optimize the app faster.