February 16, 2021

«My BRO is like a sports car to me».

Whether to work, shopping, or go for a ride, BRO accompanies Dagmar through her everyday life since September 2020. The sports car among the power wheelchairs, as Dagmar calls him, not only attracts attention but also ensures more independence. How the stair climber accompanies Dagmar in her everyday life, she tells you in this article.

The teacher with the coolest gadget

«When I drove up the stairs for the first time, the students were so fascinated that they didn’t pass me even though the break bell had already rung,» says Dagmar. She voluntarily teaches German to migrants. Her classroom is on the first floor. When the elevator broke down once, she was happy about the stair climbing function of her BRO. Her students are enthusiastic about BRO, especially about the lights. They would love to ride it themselves; Dagmar continues: «At first, they were amazed by their teacher’s unique gadget. In the meantime, they have got used to it.»

Shopping stroll

Her BRO also accompanies Dagmar to the grocery store: «The giraffe mode is perfect for taking things from one of the upper or lower shelves.» «Sometimes, my husband comes along and takes all the goods home with the car. I prefer to jet along behind with BRO.» But it also works quite well alone. In that case, Dagmar packs everything into a bag sitting on her lap. But this only works when she’s not doing any big shopping.

Weight changes

Picking up something heavy or putting it in the backpack while in drive-mode (balancing) can affect the balance, driving, and braking of the wheelchair. In that case, the center of gravity should immediately be recalibrated. Also, the maximum weight must not be exceeded under any circumstances.

Strolls in the park

«In BRO, I am sitting higher than in other wheelchairs, which makes it much more pleasant to talk to someone,» Dagmar enthuses about her rides with BRO, as she fondly calls him. She appreciates the fact that her counterpart doesn’t talk down to her. «I also like the rearview camera,» Dagmar continues. She likes the fact that she can always see if someone is behind her and can get out of the way for cyclists or joggers. When she returns home, she can easily transfer, thanks to the swiveling interface. However, there is one small obstacle: «I can’t bend forward far enough to fold up the footplates by hand for transferring.» But Dagmar knows how to help herself: «My husband made me metal hook that I carry in the pocket under the seat. With it, I can fold the footplates up and down from a sitting position.»

The sports car among wheelchairs

Dagmar discovered Scewo while researching on the internet for a spare part for one of her other wheelchairs (she has several in her garage). «During my research, I came across your first video and was immediately captivated by it.» At the unveiling event of Scewo BRO in 2018 at the National Museum, she rode it for the first time: «For me, BRO is the sports car among wheelchairs.» But those around her are also enthusiastic: «My neighbors are thrilled with BRO. Once in the snow, I left BRO at home, and my neighbors immediately asked me where I had left my speedster!» However, her BRO not only attracts attention but also enables her to participate unrestrictedly in everyday life. Thanks to the seat slider, she can take a seat at any table: «This takes a little practice, but it is one of the best features of BRO.»

Big plans

«As soon as circumstances allow it again, I want to go on a shopping tour in the city. I would love to visit that special store in town which doesn’t have an elevator. There, the best things are on the first floor, which has unfortunately been inaccessible to me until now,» Dagmar tells about her plans after the lockdown in Germany. She is looking forward to finally doing all the things that were not possible without BRO.

We are excited about the next experiences and hope her wishes come true soon!