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Scewo BRO is a full power wheelchair which uses intelligence technologies to enable its drivers to independently and safely cope with everyday professional and private life. This unique combination of technology and intelligence unites several aids within one product.

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The essentials.

Scewo BRO is a self-balancing power wheelchair that can be controlled with a hand joystick without the use of upper-body stability. Thanks to the two large wheels, it moves safely and nimbly across various surfaces.

Thanks to the intelligent stair-climbing technology with lane-keeping assistant, various obstacles can be overcome independently, meaning that modifications to buildings are not necessary.

The ability to have a conversation at eye level as well as the expanded scope of action provided by the seat lift ensure social inclusion thanks to equal participation in everyday life.

The unique remote control allows for easy loading into standard passenger cars. BRO can also be customised to the driver’s individual needs with various additional products.

BRO allows for fewer modifications to be made at home, in the workplace or the place of education. Furthermore, it reduces the financial pressure of depending on a caregiver.

The power wheelchair BRO has a german medical aid number (, which is required for financing through insurance

Intuitive control.
Scewo BRO App.

Control via the app and control console allows for intuitive control according to the driver’s needs. The smartphone app is also used for software updates, thanks to which BRO can be continuously supplemented with new functions.

Scewo BRO App

Large wheels.
Less vibrations.

Scewo BRO drives on two wheels – all by itself, without the use of upper-body stability. With the two large wheels, the driver moves safely and nimbly across various surfaces.

Scewo BRO Elektrorollstuhl grosse Räder

Over rough and smooth.

Steps up to 5 cm can be driven over with the large wheels without any problems. Higher steps up to 20 cm BRO masters with the tracks.

According to individual needs.

Scewo BRO offers a variety of electrical and mechanical adjustment options, can be supplemented with a headrest, is fitted with an automatic seat-levelling function and stand-up aid as well as buttocks relief.

Scewo BRO Funktionen

Safety first.
The belt system.

The belt system ensures that the driver sits securely when driving and braking and cannot fall out even at higher speeds.


Up and down
with the seat lift.

The integrated seat lift offers a wide range of possible uses. At the lowest setting it is ideal for transfers or to take a seat at different types of tables. At the highest setting it enables conversations at eye level or a larger scope of action.


Seat and
back cushions.

The seat and back cushions can be exchanged and can thus be adapted ideally to each driver’s needs.

Elektrorollstuhl Sitz- und Rückenkissen


Thanks to various additional products, BRO can be adapted to each drivers’ individual needs. Additions  include thigh supports, the swivelling control console, different joystick attachments and many more.

Elektrorollstuhl Zubehör

Rear-view camera.

The power wheelchair is fitted with a rear-view camera, which enables safe reversing and navigating stairs even without upper-body stability.


Intelligence thanks to sensors.

The sensors automatically recognise the beginning and end of a staircase, ensure more safety during stair climbing thanks to the lane-keeping assistant and regulate speed on inclines.

Power all day.

The permanently installed lithium-ion battery stores enough power for a distance of up to 35 kilometres.

Remote maintenance
by professionals.

Thanks to the possibility of carrying out various maintenance tasks remotely, there is no need for personnel to travel to site and the data collected can provide relevant insights for reusing equipment in the future.


… and many more useful functions.

BRO can do much more. It offers its drivers new possibilities to go about their everyday life independently and autonomously.

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