About Scewo

When the impossible
becomes possible.

Our vision

We are the leading brand for intelligent mobility, making the world accessible for everyone.

Our mission.

Creating a world that persons with reduced mobility can discover independently and flexibly.

A bold but incredibly rewarding mission to which every single member of the Scewo family is committed.

We stand by the vision that every person with reduced mobility can reach any place independently and flexibly. In order to achieve this, we are rethinking, recombing technologies and boldly embarking on new paths. Through the interplay of person, design and technology we develop lifestyle solutions that move users forward.

Ahead of us lies an incredibly exciting journey with countless challenges, various new destinations and previously unexplored technologies. With our values packed and ready to go, we are prepared for all challenges on our journey.

Our values

What we stand for.


We are interested in the individuality of the other, accept it and are inspired by it to create something new. At the same time we remain true to ourselves and stand for what we believe in. In this way, we treat each other with honesty and tolerance.


We behave towards our fellow human beings in a personal, sympathetic and loyal way. Just as we do towards friends.


We love what we do and are committed to changing and moving things with spirit and courage.

Our story

We have been turning the wheelchair market upside down for 7 years.

Since 2014 we have been bringing more freedom, flexibility and independence into the everyday life of wheelchair users.

How everything started

In 2014 a hand truck covered in styrofoam and cardboard stumbled down the stairs of ETH Zurich. We proudly presented the concept of a stair-climbing and two-wheeled device.

student project «Scalevo»

In a students project from the ETH and ZHdK ten students – including Scewo co-founder Thomas Gemperle – develop a first prototype that is capable of driving within nine months. In order to increase the complexity, the device should be able to transport a person – the idea of the stair-climbing power wheelchair BRO is born.

Viral from one day to the next

We put a video of the first prototype online, which millions of people watch. Interested people from all over the world are ringing our doorbell at ETH – they want to buy Scalevo! Now co-founder Pascal Buholzer is also joining in. Scalevo becomes Scewo.

Great disappointment at the Cybathlon

Next comes participation in the Cybathlon, a competition in which assistive technologies are measured against each other in terms of everyday ability. Unfortunately without success.

Founding of Scewo AG

Bernhard Winter, Pascal Buholzer and Thomas Gemperle make it official: they found Scewo AG and become young entrepreneurs.

Start of pre-sales in Switzerland

With much fanfare we present our BRO to the public for the first time. Highlight of the evening: For the first time, we are accepting reservations from Switzerland.

Expansion to Germany and Austria

We travel to a German fair with a big surprise in our luggage: from now on, we can also take reservations from Germany and Austria.

First BRO riders out and about

We hide our first two serial-production power wheelchairs – or rather BROs – in oversized gift boxes. They will be unwrapped and taken home by customers who have been supporting us since the student project.

On the road to success

Customers from Switzerland, Germany and Austria have already started their new everyday lives with BRO. We count six medical supply stores among our Scewo partners. And the Scewo Family has quadrupled in size, growing to around 40 employees.


Our successes

Awarded for diligence and passion in what we do. This not only fills us with pride but also shows that we are on the right track.


Business prices

Our partnerships

Loyal companions.

A heartfelt thank you to all partners accompanying us on our journey. Thanks to their expertise we are able to develop a product that meets a wide range of needs in a short space of time.

In the spotlight

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