Stair climber and power wheelchair combined.

Our Scewo BRO stair climber wheelchair combines a power wheelchair with a stairlift, making it a wheelchair for stairs and steps both indoors and outdoors. We show you BRO’s most important functions and how it differs from conventional stair climbers.

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How do conventional stair climbers differ from a stair climbing power wheelchair?

Stair climbers are often a first step towards greater flexibility for wheelchair users and people with limited walking ability. However, most stair climbers or stair lifts must be operated by an assistant or can only be used in combination with an existing wheelchair.

But that’s not the case with BRO! With our stair climbing power wheelchair(for indoor and outdoor use), you can climb the stairs at home or at your train station just as easily as the kerb at the bus stop or the three steps in front of your physiotherapy practice – without the need for assistance.

Do my stairs work? How do you climb stairs?

Our BRO power wheelchair drives up and down stairs and steps at the touch of a button and gets you to your destination safely and without outside help.

72 %

max. gradient

30 steps

per minute

20 cm

Max. obstacle height


The most important facts about the Scewo BRO stair climber wheelchair.

Our Scewo BRO electric wheelchair combines a high-quality power wheelchair with a mobile stairlift. You can find out exactly how this works and whether BRO is covered by your health insurance here.

Thanks to the integrated tracks, you can use BRO to go up and down stairs and steps.

  • Sensors on the wheelchair continuously measure the surroundings. Simply select the Stari Mode and press the joystick in the desired direction – BRO does everything else automatically.
  • Thanks to the automatic seat tilt, BRO always adapts to your surroundings and you always remain seated upright.
  • The rear view camera gives you an all-round view at all times.

Usually, electric and manual stair climbers, stair lifts and power wheelchairs that climb stairs are subsidized by the health insurance fund or insurance company. The amount paid can vary and usually depends on the level of care.

Our Scewo BRO power wheelchair has its own aid number in Germany ( and we have already had good experiences with cost coverage. We are happy to guide and support you through the entire application process. You can find more information here.

Scewo BRO combines a stair climber with a power wheelchair with intelligent technology and is available from 39,000 francs/euros excluding VAT.
You can find more information about the price and financing here.


The most modern stair climbing wheelchair for maximum mobility.

With the Scewo BRO stair climbing power wheelchair, you can climb stairs and steps indoors and outdoors without assistance. The electric wheelchair with intelligent technology even has its own aid number and is also subsidized by health insurance companies.

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Jeanette E.

Muscular dystrophy.

Jeanette is a researcher and professor. In her everyday working life, she encounters barriers everywhere, which she can only overcome with BRO. Her BRO helps Jeanette to overcome the long distances and stairs and enables her to take part in meetings without restrictions.

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