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We believe the time is right for the world to become more accessible to all thanks to intelligent mobility solutions. In addition, a power wheelchair with two wheels offers you an indescribable, completely new driving experience. The modern and unconventional design also influences the way you are perceived in society.

My first BRO

How you order your first BRO.

Before ordering your BRO, you should have taken it for a spin. Ideally you will also have thoroughly tested the access to your house and your workplace with BRO.

Did the test drive with BRO completely knock your socks off? At the appointment, you probably also mentioned the accessories you would like to have with it. Our power wheelchair already offers you a wide range of standard equipment. In order to customise BRO to your personal needs, we offer you a reasonable number of accessories manufactured in-house. In addition, you have the option of attaching accessories from third-party suppliers.

We draw up your personal quote. There you can recheck all the important details about your BRO and let us know if you want to add or remove any extras.

Now you just have to decide whether you want to finance your new BRO through an insurance company or pay for it privately. Depending on your preferences, we ask you either to complete an insurance financing application or to deposit a refundable fee to confirm your order. If you have chosen to finance your order through an insurance company, your order is already complete apart from delivery. If you have deposited an order fee, you will be asked to pay the amount outstanding.

The final, but definitely most exciting step in the ordering process is the big day when you meet your BRO for the first time and take a seat in its chair. On the agreed-upon date you can collect your power wheelchair at your local Scewo partner. There, one of our BRO specialists will train you in using your new power wheelchair. After the training, all you have to do is move the joystick forward and enjoy the unique driving experience of your BRO.


Finding your way in the insurance jungle.

Whether you are financing your power wheelchair through an insurance company or privately, we will share all our knowledge and our tips and tricks regarding financing with you. This way you can focus on the essentials: looking forward to your BRO.

If you want to buy a new type of power wheelchair right away, there is of course always the possibility of purchasing your BRO. This is possible in all countries where we can count on the support of Scewo partners.

If you need a power wheelchair, please contact your disability or accident insurance. The insurance company decides on a case-by-case basis to what extent it will contribute to the purchase of BRO. THIS GUIDE explains how you can get your Scewo BRO and how wheelchair provision works in Switzerland. Use the links to go directly to the necessary forms.

Scewo BRO is officially listed as a medical aid (number Contact the Scewo partner in your area. He will be happy to assist you in applying for BRO. Here you can find your nearest partner.

Contact the Scewo partner in your area. He will gladly support you in applying for BRO. Here you can find your nearest partner.

If you are not or «only» partially eligible for our power wheelchair, there is the possibility of asking foundations for a financial contribution in your country.


Don’t despair
just ask

Here you will find answers to the questions we receive most often. If you can’t find an answer to what’s on your mind, you can always contact us by phone or e-mail.


Currently, BRO is available in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. You can order BRO through us or through a certified Scewo partner. All Scewo partners offer consultations on BRO, carry out test drives and ensure maintenance in your region. You can find your local Scewo partner here.

Not yet. We want to offer you competent advice and perfect service over short distances. Therefore, we only deliver our wheelchairs to countries where we have already established partnerships with medical supply stores or where we can ensure the service ourselves. However, we are striving to offer BRO worldwide as soon as possible. The best thing to do is to register your interest in BRO here. That way you are guaranteed a spot on the waiting list for your home country. As soon as we are ready to break into the market there, we will get in touch.

No, unfortunately this is not possible. We can only provide our services and repairs for BRO in those countries where we have certified partners. We would like to spare you the inconvenient transports there. However, we are more than happy to count you among our BRO crew as soon as we have a partner in your home country. You can already sign up on the waiting list for your home country here. As soon as we have established a partnership there, we will let you know.

Product questions.

Basically, BRO is suitable for all persons who are cognitively and physically able to operate and steer a power wheelchair by hand. BRO holds its own balance while driving, which means that strong upper-body stability is not a prerequisite. The maximum allowed body weight is 120 kg.

Currently, our BRO crew includes persons with paraplegia and a wide variety of muscle diseases.

All measurements as well as other specifications of the power wheelchair BRO can be found here.

The weight as well as other technical specifications of the power wheelchair BRO can be found here.

Let us test it! It is difficult to make a general statement because every car model is built differently. Therefore it is easiest to test this directly with your car 😊. Sign up for a test drive with BRO here, or give us a call or send us an email to make an appointment.

BRO can only climb straight stairs. Climbing winding or curving staircases is not possible. However, if your staircase has large enough intermediate landings, you can easily turn around on the landings and keep climbing the stairs. The minimum landing size as well as other technical specifications can be found here.
Want to know whether BRO can climb the stairs at your home or workplace? Please send us some photos via email, so we can give you our assessment. Or we can also test it on site. Contact us here to book a test drive.

BRO cannot be used as a driver’s seat. The law demands a specific device which we cannot offer you for the time being. As a passenger, however, you can remain seated in BRO as long as you secure it with a certified harness with a minimum load capacity of 160 kg on the designated fastening straps.
You can also transport BRO as luggage, transferring to a car seat for the drive. You can secure BRO with commercially available tension belts. More information can be found here in the instruction manual.

You can update the wheelchair software via your smartphone. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

You can update the app via the app store on your smartphone. Step-by-step instructions can be found here.

Maintenance is carried out by us in Winterthur (CH) or by your local Scewo partner. In Switzerland we can also come to your home or workplace for an expense charge.

Ordering process.

The current delivery time is around 2 to 3 months. There is a reason for that: the first BRO riders are already using our power wheelchairs in their daily lives and regularly tell us about their experiences. We incorporate their feedback directly into further development so that we can deliver you an even better BRO.

The best way is to contact us or one of our Scewo partners. Together we can determine which colour your BRO should be, which accessories you would like to have, which papers the insurance companies need from you and so on. Based on this information we draw up a customised quote. As soon as you are happy with the quote, we issue the sales contract. After receiving your signature, BRO goes into production.

First of all: welcome to the BRO Crew – the club of BRO riders! We will inform you as soon as we know the delivery date. Upon delivery we or your local Scewo partner will train you in using BRO and give you some useful tips and tricks. And then you can start your new everyday life with BRO!


The costs of BRO are comparable to the purchase of a high-quality power wheelchair and an additional stair-climbing aid. The price varies depending on the chosen features.

BRO is a full power wheelchair. Accordingly, you can finance it through an insurance company or privately. More information about financing options can be found here.

This varies from person to person.
Swiss insurances contribute to the costs of your BRO. The disability insurance (IV) classifies BRO both as a power wheelchair and a «stair climber». If you are entitled to a power wheelchair, the IV covers the amount you are entitled to based on your degree of disability. If you are also entitled to a stair-climbing aid according to KHMI (chapter 14.05 or 13.05), the IV covers an additional amount of CHF 8,000 minimum. However, BRO is not yet listed as an aid. Therefore the IV handles the submitted applications on a case-to-case basis. Detailed information about the process and handling with the disability or accident insurance can be found here.

Scewo BRO is officially listed as a medical aid (number Contact the Scewo partner in your area. He will be happy to assist you in applying for BRO. Here you can find your nearest partner.

In Austria, decisions are always made on a case-by-case basis. Our partners in Austria can provide you with further information. Here you can find your nearest partner.

According to the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA), all «disability-related costs» you have paid yourself are tax-deductible. Detailed information can be found here.

If you are financing your BRO privately, you have to pay the full amount around 4 weeks before receiving your BRO. We will send you a reminder.

General questions.

No. Currently it is not possible to borrow or rent BRO. However, we are working on a concept and would be happy for you to contact us personally via phone or email.


Specifications in detail.