Customisation for maximum mobility

BRO is already equipped with many useful functions as standard. To make it a perfect fit for you, you can adapt the power wheelchair even further to your needs with options and a wide range of accessories and expand the range of functions.



The most important things
always at hand.

BRO is already equipped with functions that are suitable for everyday use and from which you can benefit. Whether you’re commuting on the tube, working in the office or in the middle of an adventure.

Power wheelchair Scewo BRO Headrest

The headrest extends the seating comfort and provides pleasant support for the head and neck.


120 mm

Height (highest position)

893.5 mm

Height (lowest position)

650 mm


The backpack is directly integrated into the wheelchair and offers enough space to safely store personal items.


20 l


The valuables pouch is integrated directly into the wheelchair and is located under the seat within easy reach. Your keys, a wallet or a water bottle can be easily stored in it.


3.8 l


You can easily charge your electronic devices via the integrated USB charging sockets.


In the valuables pouch under the seat


On the underside of the control console


Scewo BRO according to your taste.

We offer various options so that you can configure BRO to best suit your needs.

Control console of the Scewo BRO power wheelchair folded to the side
Polar White

Urban Grey

Standard battery

Standard battery with 25 km range (20 Ah)

Performance battery

Performance battery with 35 km range (30 Ah)


A reversing camera on a power wheelchair offers increased safety when reversing, better visibility of obstacles and people in the rear, easier parking and manoeuvring in tight spaces, and precise distance estimation. This in turn gives you more mobility and a better driving experience.


The Lock Mount smartphone holder is included and can be mounted on the left or right. The Magic Mount smartphone holder is available as an option.

Lock Mount

Attach your smartphone easily and securely to your BRO with the Lock Mount. The snap-in mount keeps your smartphone firmly in place, whether in the car, at home or in the office.

Magic Mount

Effortlessly attach your smartphone to your BRO with the Magic Mount. The magnetic mount keeps your smartphone firmly in place and can be removed again with just a little force.


For sitting in your BRO like a king.

In addition to the accessories already included, you can extend the functionality of your wheelchair with products developed by Scewo.

Thigh support of the power wheelchair Scewo BRO

The thigh supports limit your lateral legroom in an elegant way.



To transfer even easier or to drive under a table, you can extend your BRO with a swivelling control console.


Backbone Basic

The Backbone Basic is a high-quality back cushion that has been specially developed for BRO. It offers optimal comfort and supports your spine while sitting.


Joystick adapter

The joystick adapter is necessary for mounting all joystick attachments, except the standard joystick attachment. The joystick adapter, which is mounted on the control console, has a diameter of 6.35 mm.

Ergo Grip

As an alternative to the standard joystick attachment, you have the option of 3D printing our newly developed joystick attachment «Ergo Grip» in the comfort of your own home.

Drink Dock

Drink Dock is a practical drink holder that has been specially developed for BRO. It offers you the possibility to have your drink safely and comfortably within reach. Whether it’s coffee, water or a refreshing drink, Drink Dock keeps your bottle or cup in place while you move around effortlessly.


The weight plate allows you to use BRO even if you weigh less than 40 kg. Up to three plates can be attached to BRO.


10 kg

BRO Loader

With the BRO Loader car ramp, your wheelchair can be loaded into your vehicle in a few easy steps. The car ramp can be used in a short and a long version and thus enables loading into a wide variety of vehicles.


96 cm to 138 cm

Transport length

98 cm to 119 cm


5.8 kg to 6.2 kg

Maximum load

190 kg

Angle restriction between BRO Loader and floor

28° to 45°

Additional plate for stepped luggage compartments

For stepped luggage compartments there is the option of an additional plate. This can be ordered in addition to the car ramp and allows the support wheels to roll into a stepped boot in a controlled manner.


Thigh support of the power wheelchair Scewo BRO
Control console of the Scewo BRO power wheelchair folded to the side
Ellektrorollstuhl Scewo BRO auf einer Rampe


So that everything fits perfectly for you.

In addition to our own Scewo accessories, a number of third-party accessories are also compatible with BRO.

Third-party accessories

UniTrack Rail


Hip & thigh support
with sliding block


Elbow support & side support
with sliding block


Chest support

Permobil,  Jay (Sunrise Medical)

All seat cushions are compatible with BRO. A few examples are listed below.
Jay Series

Sunrise Medical

Vicair Series


Roho Series


Seat shell

Various suppliers

Jay Series

Sunrise Medical

Seat shell

Various suppliers

The control console can be attached to various locations on the BRO by third-party products.

Various suppliers

Buddy Button

Various suppliers

Joystick attachment ball,
foam ball, mushroom,
rubber dome, stick,
T-handle, tetragone


Flight Case

Hypo Cases

Drawer box

With the drawer box from «petertools.life» , you can obtain additional storage space for your personal items. Mounted under the seat cushion, it can be opened with a simple push. Thanks to the integrated safety latch, accidental opening is prevented.

With its generous dimensions, the drawer offers enough space for notebooks and other items without affecting your driving performance.


369 x 343 x 50 mm


11 kg


6 l


Steel, black powder coating