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The most important information about the stair climbing wheelchair Scewo BRO.

The Scewo BRO stair climbing wheelchair can not only climb stairs, but is your perfect everyday companion for indoor and outdoor use.

As with most power wheelchairs, the level of subsidy for the Scewo BRO depends on the degree of disability of the wheelchair user. 

In Germany, BRO has an aid number (, which can help when applying to the health insurance company. Depending on the applicant’s situation and degree of disability, the cost of a stair climbing wheelchair may be paid in full or in part.

The process of financing a stair climbing wheelchair such as Scewo BRO is as follows:

  • After a test drive at your home, your doctor writes the prescription for BRO.
  • Together with the test report, the medical prescription is submitted to your health insurance company.
  • In Germany, a specialist from the Medical Service (MD; formerly MDK) will then visit you to check the suitability of BRO as your power wheelchair. In Switzerland, a specialist from the SAHB usually assesses the suitability of the requested wheelchair.
  • Based on this, your insurance or health insurance company decides how much they will pay for your new power wheelchair. If the health insurance company does not agree to pay, you can appeal the decision, turn to foundations or finance the amount privately. 

We will of course support you throughout the entire financing process.

People who are severely limited in their strength and/or mobility due to an illness, accident or other reasons are entitled to a power wheelchair such as the Scewo BRO. Depending on the severity of the mobility restriction, the classification of a wheelchair-dependent person takes place in the care degrees 3, 4, or 5 (DE) or disability degree 1 to 4 (CH).

The stair climbing power wheelchair Scewo BRO is available from 42‘800.- Swiss Francs/Euros excl. VAT.  Scewo BRO combines two mobility aids: a self-operating stair climber and a power wheelchair with intelligent technology. The Scewo BRO has its own aid number in Germany and is subsidized by health insurance companies or insurance companies.

The stair climbing wheelchair Scewo BRO is ideally suited for people who … :

  • … have the cognitive and physical ability to control the stair climbing wheelchair via joystick with one hand.
  • … are within the user weight range of 40 kg – 120 kg. (The lower weight limit can be bypassed in exceptional cases thanks to weight plates).
  • … have a body height of approximately 100 cm – 195 cm.
  • … ride with or without torso stability. The Scewo BRO is self-stabilizing and can therefore be used without torso stability – unlike a Segway, for example.

Experience the unique feeling of freedom of our stair climbing wheelchair first hand, and convince yourself of the many advantages of BRO during a free test drive.

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This is what the stair climbing wheelchair Scewo BRO can do.

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Control console of the Scewo BRO power wheelchair folded to the side
Ellektrorollstuhl Scewo BRO auf einer Rampe

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Opinions on the stair climbing wheelchair Scewo BRO.

The Scewo BRO combines a high-quality power wheelchair with therapeutic benefits with a stair climber. A multi-talent that combines several aids.
Marcel Grecksch
Medical product consultant
at Luttermann GmbH

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