Power wheelchair Scewo BRO

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Scewo BRO is a full power wheelchair which uses intelligent technologies to enable its drivers to independently and safely cope with everyday professional and private life. This unique combination of technology and intelligence unites several aids within one product.

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In a nutshell

The essentials.

Scewo BRO is a self-balancing power wheelchair that can be controlled with a hand joystick without the use of upper-body stability. Thanks to the two large wheels, it moves safely and nimbly across various surfaces.

Thanks to the intelligent stair-climbing technology with lane-keeping assistant, various obstacles can be overcome independently, meaning that modifications to buildings are not necessary.

The ability to have a conversation at eye level as well as the expanded scope of action provided by the seat lift ensure social inclusion thanks to equal participation in everyday life.

The unique remote control allows for easy loading into standard passenger cars. BRO can also be customised to the driver’s individual needs with various additional products.

BRO allows for fewer modifications to be made at home, in the workplace or the place of education. Furthermore, it reduces the financial pressure of depending on a caregiver.

The power wheelchair BRO has a german medical aid number (, which is required for financing through insurance


Information (Germany)

Health insurance.

Scewo BRO is the only stair climbing aid in the aids directory for independent use (in Germany). It also overcomes steps, thresholds and inclines. This makes it possible, for example, to independently manage the way to the doctor or therapist. More information about the product can be found here.

Even a BRO that has already been delivered is enriched with new functions through regular updates. Thus, expensive retrofits or re-supplies are not necessary and the software of the wheelchair does not become technically obsolete.

Using the log files, the medical supply store can identify defects remotely. This means that the problem is found more quickly and can be remedied more efficiently and easily. This also prevents long deployments of replacement equipment during maintenance.

Since BRO eliminates the need for assistants to overcome steps, among other things, it pays for itself in the foreseeable future and satisfies the payers’ cost effectiveness requirement.
Christian Au
LL.M Attorney and
Specialist Lawyer for Social Law

Information (Germany)

Employment office.

Scewo BRO is the only stair climbing aid in the list of aids for independent use. It overcomes steps, thresholds and inclines without outside assistance. This enables independent access even to non-barrier-free places of work and education, as well as all-day sitting in a wheelchair. More information about the product can be found here.

Thanks to the integrated seat lift, the user’s radius of action is increased enormously. Conversion of the workstation becomes unnecessary and conversations at eye level become the norm. Barrier-free access: This is indispensable for participation in education and working life.

Compact transport mode including remote control eliminates the need for vehicle conversion and allows BRO to be loaded into an ordinary passenger vehicle. The intuitive app including rear view camera increases safety and minimizes the need for assistance.

The Scewo BRO is required to achieve the goal of inte-
gration assistance according to § 90 ABS. 5 SGB IX, the more independent lifestyle.
Christian Au
LL.M Attorney and
Specialist Lawyer for Social Law