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Outdoor wheelchair: What is it and can I also use it indoors?

Do you want to enjoy the freedom and independence that outdoor life offers, but you are dependent on a wheelchair? Then you need a wheelchair that is also suitable for outdoor use. In this article, you will find out what an outdoor wheelchair is, when you can also use it indoors and that you can use our Scewo BRO anywhere.

Features and benefits of outdoor wheelchairs

Outdoor power wheelchairs are specially designed to meet the demands of outdoor terrain. Unlike conventional power wheelchairs, they therefore offer improved stability and robustness to cope with uneven surfaces, gravel paths and other obstacles. Some of the key features and benefits of outdoor wheelchairs are:


If these characteristics are met, you can use your outdoor wheelchair to explore nature, enjoy activities and get to places that would be difficult to access with a conventional power wheelchair.

Our Scewo BRO also meets the above criteria – and even more! With BRO, you can not only whizz through towns and forests, but are also perfectly equipped for indoor use. What’s more, with BRO you can even negotiate steps and stairs easily and without assistance. You can find out more about the features of BRO on our product page.

Differences between outdoor wheelchairs and indoor wheelchairs

Many power wheelchairs are designed as either an outdoor wheelchair or an indoor wheelchair. To be able to assess which is the right wheelchair for you, it is important to know the differences and similarities between the two types. This will also enable you to recognize when a wheelchair combines the features for indoor and outdoor use.

Here are some of the main differences between outdoor and indoor wheelchairs:

Indoor wheelchairs are ideal for use indoors, for example at home or in stores, while outdoor wheelchairs are more suitable for trips to cities or the countryside. However, there are also electric wheelchairs that combine the features of indoor and outdoor wheelchairs. This includes our Scewo BRO.

Scewo BRO: Your power wheelchair for indoor & outdoor use

Are you looking for a wheelchair that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use? Then there’s a very good chance that you don’t need to look any further! Our Scewo BRO is an innovative power wheelchair that combines many of the features of indoor and outdoor wheelchairs, giving you maximum mobility and flexibility.

With its all-terrain tires, many adjustment options and tracks for climbing steps and stairs, BRO is ideal for outdoor use. At the same time, thanks to its maneuverability and compact design, it is also ideal for indoor use.

Whether for your adventures in nature, your city trips or simply at home or at work – the Scewo BRO is the perfect companion for your everyday life and offers you the opportunity to easily overcome obstacles such as steps and kerbs without outside help.

Tips for using your outdoor wheelchair indoors

Although most outdoor wheelchairs are mainly designed for outdoor use, there are situations where you can also use them indoors. In particular, power wheelchairs such as our Scewo BRO, which combine indoor and outdoor functions, are perfect for this. However, there are a few things to consider to ensure optimal use:

  • Adjusting the speed
    Outdoor wheelchairs are often equipped with a higher speed setting to meet the requirements of the terrain. With the Scewo BRO, you can easily adjust the speed to your surroundings at the touch of a button via the app or the control console.
  • Maneuvering indoors
    Make sure your outdoor wheelchair can fit through doors and hallways before using it indoors. Most doors are between 70 and 90 cm wide. This means that our BRO, at just under 69 cm, fits easily through practically any door. Thanks to its very small turning circle, it is also ideal for maneuvering through narrow interior spaces.
  • Caution in wet conditions
    If you have been outside with your wheelchair and it is wet or dirty, you should be careful indoors. Smooth surfaces in particular, such as marble or plastic, can become slippery when wet, which is why you should always be careful when moving from outside to inside with BRO on the stairs.

You can find more information and instruction videos on how to use BRO optimally in our Scewo Helpcenter.

An outdoor wheelchair that also maneuvers perfectly indoors

An outdoor wheelchair gives you the freedom to explore nature and enjoy outdoor activities, while an indoor wheelchair offers you comfort and mobility indoors. With the right wheelchair, you can experience the best of both worlds both indoors and outdoors. Choose the Scewo BRO and enjoy the benefits of a power wheelchair that combines the most important functions of an indoor and outdoor wheelchair.

The most important information about the stair climbing wheelchair Scewo BRO.

The Scewo BRO stair climbing wheelchair can not only climb stairs, but is your perfect everyday companion for indoor and outdoor use.


The stair climbing wheelchair Scewo BRO is ideally suited for people who … :

  • … have the cognitive and physical ability to control the stair climbing wheelchair via joystick with one hand.
  • … are within the user weight range of 40 kg – 120 kg. (The lower weight limit can be bypassed in exceptional cases thanks to weight plates).
  • … have a body height of approximately 100 cm – 195 cm.
  • … ride with or without torso stability. The Scewo BRO is self-stabilizing and can therefore be used without torso stability – unlike a Segway, for example.

This varies from country to country, as well as from case to case. However, we have already had good experiences with coverage and subsidies and will be happy to support you with your application.

Here you can find all the information you need about financing options for a power wheelchair through your health insurance provider in your country.

The stair climbing power wheelchair Scewo BRO is available from 42’800.- Swiss Francs/Euros excl. VAT.  Scewo BRO combines two mobility aids: a self-operating stair climber and a power wheelchair with intelligent technology. The Scewo BRO has its own aid number in Germany and is subsidized by health insurance companies or insurance companies.

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