November 1, 2021 | #Tips & Tricks

What to consider when flying with an electric wheelchair

Dreaming of faraway countries and foreign cultures? But the idea of flying with an electric wheelchair in your luggage makes you nervous? We asked the community and put together a few tips that make travel easier.

Everything went smoothly on my flight to South Africa. This was also because I informed myself extensively with the airline in advance and prepared my BRO accordingly.

When flying, preparation is everything

When travelling by air with an electric wheelchair, be sure to notify the airline beforehand. This ensures that the necessary support is provided and that everything goes smoothly at check-in. The transport by air of the electric wheelchair, in particular its batteries, requires airline approval. Electric wheelchairs are always transported in the cargo hold of the aircraft, so they must be checked in. Furthermore, the regulations vary depending on the airline. These should always be ascertained before travelling. Here is an overview of the transport regulations for wheelchair batteries at Lufthansa.

A man in a Scewo BRO electric wheelchair in South Afrika on the beach
Every airline has its own transport procedures. And each team has its own loading and unloading procedures.

Preparing your electric wheelchair for transport by plane

As electric wheelchairs are transported in the cargo hold, it is advisable to dismantle moving parts such as the steering console or to protect them from damage during transport with protective foam. It is also recommendable to tape down loose cables and fold down the backrest if possible. 

Also, if possible, it is usually a good idea to explain to the ground crew how to push the wheelchair in manual mode.

One thing I learned on my first flight with an electric wheelchair was to check in any items such as seat cushions etc. with the rest of my luggage. I didn’t do this the first time and had to carry the cushions with me as hand luggage.

Most important tips at a glance

  • Read the wheelchair user manual, it should contain all the relevant information.
  • Make sure to switch off the wheelchair completely (main switch) and protect it from being switched on again.
  • Transport easily dismantlable parts separately in a protected container (e.g. interface console, special controls or similar).
  • Take photos of the wheelchair before checking it in, so any damage is verifiable.

Flying with Scewo BRO

Our Scewo BRO power wheelchair is approved for transport as luggage on aircraft. The lithium-ion battery is a fixed component and must not be removed. For transport, use the parking mode and switch off your BRO completely using the main switch. We also recommend that you tape down the main switch and any loose cables. And we recommend that you bring a small trolley with you, so that the wheelchair can be easily moved by the ground crew. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, we recommend that you contact the airline before your trip with an electric wheelchair and find out the exact procedure.


More information about flying with BRO can be found in the user manual

Here you will find an overview of all the information you need for your flight with Scewo BRO. 

Learn more about it

Still not quite sure how to make it work? Our BRO driver Reto told us about his trip to South Africa. In the blog post, he reports on his challenges flying with an electric wheelchair, among other things.

Do you have experience to share?

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