October 30, 2022

Five in one

We have great news! With five new partners at once, we can now also offer interested parties in Stuttgart, Essen, Jena, Osnabrück, and Wesel a fast and comprehensive service.


Auxilium Group as
a strong partner

All five houses belong to the Auxilium Group, which strives to have a large and successful full-service provider in every region of Germany. The exchange of knowledge and the constant development of the individual houses are central to this.

Our new partners in the spotlight:

Luttermann in Essen

True to the motto: «Individual advice, professional competence and a high level of customer satisfaction are our top priorities», the Luttermann team has been taking care of the provision of aids to its customers in the Essen region for over 100 years.

SC Carstens in Stuttgart

The experts for neurological clinical illnesses from Stuttgart always strive to find individual solutions to compensate for limitations. With BRO as an addition to its product range, the SC Sanitätshaus Carstens team now has another ace up its sleeve.

REHA AKTIV 2000 in Jena

With BRO, the REHA AKTIV 2000 team has a new aid in its product range that fits perfectly with its guiding principle: «Together we will find a way to live with handicaps, overcome obstacles and shape life in a way that all our customers can enjoy it to the fullest». A great addition for all interested parties in and around Jena.

Luttermann Wesel in Wesel

The many years of experience of the employees at Luttermann Wesel are complemented by the latest technology and innovative concepts, which they consistently use to improve the quality of life of their customers – is there any aid that would fit better than our BRO?

Gehrmeyer in Osnabrück

For those interested in and around Osnabrück, we also have a partner in Gehrmeyer who relies on the most modern aids. The aim of their daily work is: «To offer our customers individualised solutions for more flexibility in everyday life and a plus in quality of life.» We are happy to be a part of this mission!

Your Partner in your region

From now on you can make your personal test drive directly at one of these partners. They are also your contacts for advice and service on all things Scewo BRO in the respective regions.

We are very much looking forward to great partnerships and to seeing many BROs whizzing around all over Germany.