February 25, 2022 | #Partners & Business

Stolle is our partner for Hamburg

Our third partner in Germany is confirmed: the medical supply store Sanitätshaus Stolle! With around 30 branches, the perfect partner for the Hamburg-Schwerin region. Find out here when you can take BRO for a test drive in the Hamburg area.

Since their founding in 1963, Stolle’s greatest concern has been the quality of life of its customers. To achieve this, they rely on well-founded knowledge, the highest quality and innovative products. Products like our power wheelchair Scewo BRO. Their motto «Simply health made to measure» is put into practice at around 30 locations in Hamburg, Schwerin and the surrounding region.

Pushing boundaries and creating freedom

Stolle’s branch manager, Robert Bauch, describes the partnership as follows: «We have been working for many years to find new ways to bring mobility to our customers. For us it is more than just a partnership. We first became aware of Scewo about a year ago and immediately identified with its vision. Pushing boundaries and creating freedom are also among Stolle’s core goals in the provision of medical supplies. Just as it is also our goal to make places that were previously inaccessible to wheelchair users accessible again, to break down barriers and to contribute to a freer, more independent lifestyle.»

It was immediately clear to them that they wanted to go down this path together, says Robert Bauch. «Just like us, Scewo wants to realise this vision with new, unconventional and bold approaches. It is great to see how committed the staff at Scewo are and you can feel that so much heart and soul goes into every single step of the development and into every single wheelchair. The first trials were quite an experience even for us and the feedback from the customers was indescribable. The first deliveries to our customers have already been realised together with Scewo and further test drives have already been carried out. So nothing stands in the way of a successful collaboration!»

Our partner for northern Germany

You can now inspect BRO directly at Stolle and take your personal test drive. From now on, Sanitätshaus Stolle will also be your first point of contact for advice, reservations and service relating to Scewo BRO in the Hamburg-Schwerin region.

We are very much looking forward to a great partnership and soon seeing lots of BROs whizzing about in northern Germany.