November 6, 2020 | #Events & more #Scewo Family

3 years Scewo, 25 employees and 1 mountain

Let’s celebrate! Namely the 3rd birthday of Scewo. For this special day we went up high. For once, the Scewo team did not put on their sneakers but their hiking boots. Here some insights to where and how we celebrated our birthday.

Accompanied by bright blue sky and pleasant temperatures we drove in our Scewo Party Buses packed with backpacks, provisions and of course the Scewo Team, towards the Swiss Alps. For the 3rd birthday of Scewo we had thought of something very special: The whole team should get out of the office and dive into nature! For once we didn’t need brains and dexterity, but some muscle power.

The journey is the reward

The SAC Lidernenhütte at 1’727 m.a.s.l. was the declared goal. Together we hiked up 2.5 hours – some a little faster, some a little more leisurely. In the end everyone made it to the top – «Hurray!» A big portion of pride about the mastered ascent swung with us, rewarded with a well-deserved beer and the perfect opportunity to toast to our birthday for the first time.

Jumping into the cold water

For some of the team the hike up was not enough – after a short rest, they continued up to the higher situated Spilauersee. An additional ascent that was definitely worth the sweat. The panorama with a view of the lake, surrounded by mountain ranges, was gigantic. Some very fearless of the Scewo Team even dared to jump into the bitterly cold mountain lake.

The rest of the group spent the time playing cards, drinking coffee and enjoying cake. A great opportunity to get to know each other better, for once outside the office.

A nocturnal walk under a breathtaking starry sky

When it got dark, we went inside, to the warm room of the Lidernenhütte. With the delicious dinner we regained our strength. Then suddenly the announcement: «Dress warmly and let’s meet outside again!» Equipped with flashlights we walked up a hill in deep darkness. At the top of the hill we all gathered under a beautiful starry sky. With a glass of Prosecco, we toasted to our young start-up in this unforgettable ambience and enjoyed delicious homemade muffins.