BRO adapts to the patient.

The power wheelchair BRO comes with a wide range of options for individual adaptation to each driver.


Scewo BRO can be adapted mechanically to the driver’s anatomical measurements in a few simple steps. The following adjustments are available:

  • Seat depth
  • Height and width of arm rests
  • Length adjustment of joystick
  • Angle of foot plate
  • Length of footrest

At the push of a button, the angle of the footrests and the backrest can be adjusted according to the driver’s needs.

Modes & everyday aids.

The automatic, horizontal seat-levelling system adjusts the driver’s sitting position to incline changes, thus allowing for an optimal view of the area on which they are driving. It can also be used to relieve pressure points and prevent decubitus.

The fact that BRO drives exclusively on two large wheels makes it possible to move smoothly without jerking. This prevents changes in the driver’s sitting position.

The seat lift increases the driver’s scope of action both downwards and upwards, enabling the driver to become more independent. Furthermore, the positive effect on conversations at eye level is not to be disregarded. In addition to the upwards and downwards motion, the seat can also move forwards and backwards.

The seat can be lowered all the way down and optimally adjusted to the height of a manual wheelchair or a regular chair. This transfer position enables the driver to transfer autonomously and easily at the optimal height (flat or downwards).

BRO’s position can be adjusted at the push of a button to be used as an aid for standing up.

Tilting the seat plate and electrically adjusting the footrests and backrest helps to relieve pressure points. This mode can also be used to relax muscles, prevent decubitus and stimulate lymphatic flow.

The stair-climbing mode enables the driver to overcome a wide range of obstacles. This allows them to make regular visits to doctors and specialists independently, which in turn ensures better medical care and guarantees them the choice of doctor and therapist. In addition, this mode enables equal participation in social life and an improved quality of life. The choice of profession and workplace is no longer dependent on structural conditions.

Additions & Accessories.

The seat and back cushions can be chosen according to the driver’s needs. Thanks to the side mounting rails, a variety of conventional cushions can be attached to BRO.

The optional headrest can be adjusted for height and angle to provide optimal head and neck support.

The thigh supports can be used to limit lateral leg movement and to ensure a secure sitting position.

The belt system ensures that the driver sits securely when driving and braking and cannot fall out even at higher speeds.

BRO can be fitted with side mounting rails to which various accessories such as lower-leg and thigh supports from third-party suppliers can be attached.


BRO can be fitted with a swivelling control console, which allows the driver to take a seat at different types of tables or to transfer even more easily. It also reduces the risk of damaging the catheter or insuring the driver during transfers.

The interface can be supplemented with a joystick adapter, on which various conventional joystick attachments based on the driver’s finger strength can be mounted.

The joystick sensitivity can be adjusted in the app. The sensitivity can thus be adapted to drivers with less finger strength.

Technical data

Specifications in more detail.