April 28, 2021 | #Partners & Business

agivia: our new partner in Berlin

Berliners take note: We have a new partner in your region!
The Berlin-based rehab technology company agivia will be getting its own Scewo BRO power wheelchair in the late summer. Find out here when you can take BRO for a test drive in Brandenburg and Berlin.

The name agivia says it all. It is a combination of “agile” and “via” (the way) and stands for the aspiration to optimal mobility. Or “Your mobility is our passion”, as their slogan goes. The agivia team believes in a society where people with limited mobility can be fully mobile again thanks to state-of-the-art technology. An example of this is our Scewo BRO power wheelchair.

Our partner for Brandenburg and Berlin

For the 10-member team, personal customer relations and support are particularly important. To achieve this, they combine passion and experience. With our stair climber, agivia wants to offer its customers a new eye-catcher and stand out from the market. Apart from the technology, they were also particularly impressed by the modern design.

From late summer 2021 you will be able to inspect BRO directly at agivia and take your personal test drive. The rehab technology company agivia will then also be your first point of contact for advice, reservations and service regarding Scewo BRO in the Brandenburg-Berlin region.

 We are looking forward to a great partnership and to many BRO crew members from Brandenburg and Berlin!