«BRO opens up a new way of looking at our exhibits»

New highlight at the National Museum in Zurich: A Scewo BRO in Sahara Gold! However, our power wheelchair is not part of the exhibition but can be reserved for visiting the exhibition. Find out here why the National Museum relies on BRO and when you can start jetting around the museum with it.

At the National Museum in Zurich arrived a new attraction. One that can be touched and used. Since May 18th a shiny new BRO is standing at the museum. With its design and sahara gold color, it perfectly matches the bronze details of the museum. But unlike the exhibits, «BRO is meant to be used», says Beat Högger, director of the museum’s operations.

From this summer, you can reserve the power wheelchair for your visit to the museum. It complements the range of wheelchairs that the National Museum makes available to its visitors. You can reserve the BRO directly on the website of the Swiss National Museum. Staff specially trained for BRO will help you on site to configure the wheelchair to your needs and show you how to use it.

Three questions for Beat Högger

The director of museum operations, Beat Högger, is very pleased about expanding the range of services for visitors with limited mobility. He told us in an interview why he advocated for the acquisition of BRO.

Beat Högger, as of today there is a BRO available in the National Museum. What do you plan on using it for?

Many of the exhibitions are located in the sprawling rooms of the historic building. BRO allows our visitors to easily navigate stairs and uneven terrain. The seat lift also opens up a new way of looking at the exhibits or having a seat at a table in the bistro.

How do the National Museum and Scewo fit together?

We exhibit innovations in Swiss history here. Along with the historical ones, there is now also a modern innovation to be seen in the form of the BRO. One you can actually experience and use.

What did you think when you drove BRO for the first time?

I had a very good feeling sitting in BRO. It’s great being able to steer BRO so easily with the joystick. It is highly manoeuvrable and allows you to move around nimbly.

The National Museum in Zurich is already well acquainted with our BRO: In late summer 2018, after two years of development, we presented BRO to the public for the first time in the auditorium of the National Museum. Now the museum has one of its own.