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March 15, 2022 | #Scewo Family #Tips & Tricks

It sits well – you sit better!

After a lot of tinkering, testing and designing, it’s finally here: our in-house back cushion! How the “Backbone Basic” was developed and what it means for you as a (future) BRO rider, you can find out here.

When developing our wheelchair, we not only place great value on optimal functionality for you as a BRO driver but also on a modern and appealing design. When selecting the back cushion, we have always had to fall back on the models of other manufacturers. However, these were not optimally adapted to BRO, neither functionally nor visually. With the “Backbone Basic”, we can now offer you a back cushion that blends in with you and your BRO.

From and for BRO-drivers

We are constantly developing the features of BRO. In doing so, we attach great importance to feedback from our users. We collect all suggestions for improvement and requests and respond to them wherever possible.

This is also the case with completely new products such as the “Backbone Basic”. For example, it was decided that the cushion should be as easy to remove as possible to make it more convenient to clean. This is made possible with an easily accessible flap on the lower part of the cushion, with which the Velcro can be released and the cushion removed. This is a clear advantage over competing products.

The large holes in the backplate are also a unique feature of the “Backbone Basic”. Thanks to them, ventilation of your back is always guaranteed and hopefully, you won’t start sweating so quickly. And so that the cushion can be perfectly adapted to your personal requirements, you can adjust both the height and the angle when attaching it.

From sketch to cushion

Product adaptations and new developments go through a sophisticated process from the idea to the actual installation at BRO. First, we define what the cushion must be able to do and fulfill. Then our industrial designer draws a rough visualisation of the product, which is then perfected together with the R&D team and our sales professionals until a prototype can be produced from it. With this first model, countless tests are then carried out, both internally with us and with existing BRO riders and medical professionals.

For example, the back cushion was presented at the Paraplegic Centre in Nottwil, and various ergo- and physiotherapists were able to record their feedback using a detailed questionnaire. Based on this feedback, it was decided, for example, that the shape of the cushion would be kept rather flat. This makes sense for people with quite good torso stability and who like to freely move their arms and upper body.

One of our testers from the BRO crew also found it great that he could sit a little further back with the “Backbone Basic” and felt more in tune with BRO.

Is the cushion suitable for me?

As mentioned above, our “Backbone Basic” is mainly intended for people who have relatively good torso stability. So if you need a little more lateral support, cushions from an alternative manufacturer may support you better. However, our new backbone cushion is a great option for you if you want to feel like you are merging with BRO and want to move freely from side to side.

In addition, the “Backbone Basic” is cheaper than many other back cushions at around 600 Swiss francs. In Switzerland, this is pretty much the amount that the DI (IV) pays for this type of accessory. In Germany and Austria you have to clarify this individually. Your Scewo partner or our sales team will be happy to help you if you have any questions.

How to get the «Backbone Basic»

Our back cushion is expected to be available from the end of March. If you already own a BRO and are interested in the “Backbone Basic” or are unsure whether it suits you, you can contact our sales team here or one of our partners in your region.
Don’t have a BRO yet but want to try it out? Then register now for a test drive! If you buy a BRO, all components will be adjusted according to your wishes and needs, including our new back cushion.