December 14, 2020 | #Events & more

Camera running… and action!

The end product is a Hollywood-quality commercial. All the obstacles in the way BRO has mastered with flying colors. The shoot was a lot of fun and definitely worth the effort. Check it out for yourselves:

In the supporting role: The parasol

We shot the commercial on five beautiful but equally hot summer days. Shade was very rare on those days. The sun was relentless, which is why we were always carrying parasols to protect ourselves but also our two actors. In the video below you can see that they not only gave us shade but also played a supporting role.

Testing out the functions of BRO was a lot of fun and the spot turned out great!
Wheelchair user commercial

Choice of actors

The purpose of a commercial is not (only) to enjoy the sun outside for five days. It is to give customers an impression of our product. That’s why we consciously chose actors who are potential or existing BRO drivers. They could immediately identify with the BRO and Scewo and obviously had fun doing it. We were also able to gain further interesting insights into the everyday life of a wheelchair driver.

Being in a commercial was an exciting experience and made me look forward to my BRO even more!
One of our first BRO drivers

The dog as life and soul of the party

Alongside Armin, the supporting actor, his dog Pepino also discovered the spotlight for himself. But for him, the new smells and new faces were more exciting than the camera. Fortunately, the team consisted of dog friends. So Pepino contributed to the good mood and made the crew smile again and again.

Production by Scewo

The concept for the commercial as well as the story and the choice of locations came from Scewo. For the shooting and editing, we got Livemotion on board, a great team of filmmakers. In addition to a great commercial, we also learned a few things. For example, that our BRO doesn’t charge on its own overnight … that probably won’t happen to us anytime soon!