May 20, 2020 | #Events & more

Scewo TV: BRO virtually challenge

Does BRO really do what he promises, or we just have a big mouth? Last Friday you could judge for yourself; we brought him virtually to your home. Check out the format here, where viewers give us live tasks that we had to accomplish with our wheelchair. This was our Scewo TV, where BRO was virtually challenged.

Because our participation in trade fairs and the execution of test drives outside of Switzerland is currently not possible, we decided to bring the booth into your living room! We reported not only from our “studio”, but also live from outside. This way, viewers had the opportunity to see with their own eyes how our electric wheelchair, for example, climbs stairs or drives over curbs.

«3, 2, 1… we are live!»

As soon as we were live, we welcomed numerous viewers on Facebook and Youtube. We were able to answer dozens of questions and accomplish some of the “tasks” set by viewers live. Furthermore, we had a secret to reveal: Our first official partners in Bern and in Austria. We were very happy that so many people showed interest and were there live. Did you miss the livestream? Then get yourself a bag of popcorn now and watch here Scewo TV: Bro virtually challenged.

Behind the Scenes

We wouldn’t be Scewo if we hadn’t decided to do it all on our own.  As soon as the microphones were ordered, we started the first technical test with a mobile phone camera and webcam.

Nobody on the team had previously performed such a live connection. It took a few attempts before the sound change worked smoothly and the sound from outside could not be heard inside. We have compiled the best mistakes for you here. Have fun!

Exhibition stand

And in case you’re wondering where the booth was located: In the middle of our office in Winterthur.

Talking about our exhibition stand, a big thank you goes to Huber Fenster, who equipped us with high-quality oak wood. If you are looking for unique wood designs or windows, then browse for inspiration. The family business in its fifth generation is active throughout Switzerland and focuses on providing high quality and sustainable products.

Scewo Messestand