Security obligations

If used improperly, the Scewo product poses a considerable risk of injury to the user or third parties, ranging from minor physical injury to death. The Scewo product may therefore only be used by persons who have previously undergone training and testing in accordance with Scewo’s specifications. Such examinations can only be carried out by Scewo, a Scewo partner or an owner (owner of a Scewo product who does not use it themselves, but makes it available to users).


Users are required to complete this training and exam and use the Scewo product only after passing the exam. They are further obliged to use the Scewo product only themselves and not to make it available to other persons for temporary or permanent use, especially not to persons who have not completed training and testing themselves, not even under the supervision of the user.


Scewo partners and owners are obliged to only provide the Scewo product to users who have completed and passed such training and testing. They must also ensure that the user has read and agreed to the terms of use, available at, before using the product.

The only exception to the inspection obligation under letter a) are test rides and other rides under constant supervision by qualified personnel. During such rides, the user is introduced to the operation of the Scewo product in accordance with Scewo’s instructions. Such introductions can only be made by Scewo, a Scewo partner or an owner. Subsequent use is only permitted under the constant supervision of personnel specifically trained for this purpose in accordance with Scewo’s specifications. This personnel must have previously passed a corresponding test according to Scewo’s specifications, which has been approved by Scewo, a Scewo partner or an owner.

Before each use, the Scewo product must be checked to ensure that the Scewo product is in perfect and usable condition and that the upcoming use does not violate the safety regulations or instructions communicated during the training, in the manual or otherwise.

In addition to this control, users are also obliged to use the Scewo product only if they are not subject to any relevant impairments, whether temporary (e.g. influence of alcohol) or permanent (e.g. deterioration of the general state of health).

Scewo partners and owners can delegate this control to users, provided that they have completed and passed the training and examination mentioned under letter a). They are also obliged not to allow users with relevant impairments to use the Scewo product.

No circumvention of security measures and removal of security notices.

Scewo has implemented various security measures in its products to protect the user and third parties, such as the beginner mode, and has placed security notices in various places. Such security measures may not be circumvented or otherwise overridden. Safety notices may not be removed or obscured.

The Scewo product is designed and approved for use in certain countries (“approved countries”). The current list of approved countries is available at:
If use in another country is planned, conformity with local regulations must be clarified in advance and any necessary actions or declarations made or the planned use in that country must be omitted.

No manipulations or modifications may be made to the Scewo product (including software) and accessories without the prior, specific written consent of Scewo.

The performance of maintenance is voluntary. However, if the Scewo product detects a security risk, a professional inspection by Scewo, a Scewo partner or an owner may be recommended in individual cases within a certain period of time for the safety of users and third parties.

Should any behavior of the device occur during use that could lead or has led to a dangerous situation, the respective user, partner or owner is obliged to report this to Scewo as soon as possible. The contact details can be found on the Scewo website.