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Everything you need to know about the price of the Scewo BRO.

Do you have questions about the price of our Scewo BRO stair-climbing power wheelchair? Here you will find a detailed breakdown with all relevant information on your questions about the cost of BRO.

Why Scewo BRO?

How BRO revolutionizes wheelchair driving.

The Scewo BRO is more than just a conventional power wheelchair. As the world’s first electric wheelchair that runs on two robust wheels, it gives people with reduced mobility more freedom and independence. Developed with state-of-the-art technology and a clear focus on comfort, user-friendliness and safety, the stair-climbing power wheelchair offers a unique driving experience. With BRO, you will not only move around with ease, elegance and safety, but also invest in a better quality of life in the long term. Experience the mobility of the future today with BRO.

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Price composition

What does the Scewo BRO cost?

The Scewo BRO stair-climbing power wheelchair is available from a price of 42‘800.- Swiss Francs/Euros excl. VAT. However, BRO can be fully or partially funded by health insurance companies. Additionally, in Germany, BRO has been officially recognized as a medical aid in Germany and has its own aid number, which significantly simplifies the application process.

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Diagram showing the components of the Scewo BRO: a power wheelchair, a stairlift and intelligence, which together make up the Scewo BRO. The image contains simple symbols representing each component, with the corresponding German texts: power wheelchair, stairlift, intelligence and the end product Scewo BRO.

The price is reflected in the combination of (1) electric wheelchair, (2) stairlift and (3) intelligent technology. As a holistic aid, BRO therefore offers a comprehensive solution for your mobility needs. At the same time, BRO saves you costly renovation work in your home (e.g. lift systems, ramps) and makes your everyday life more flexible and independent.

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Scewo BRO vs. third-party electric wheelchairs

The cost of an electric wheelchair usually runs into five figures. In contrast to BRO, however, third-party power wheelchairs do not have an integrated stairlift. This results in additional costs and a considerable amount of extra work in terms of renovation work. BRO therefore offers a more comprehensive solution for your mobility. See for yourself and arrange a free, no-obligation test drive with BRO.

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Comparison graphic between the Scewo BRO electric wheelchair and third-party electric wheelchairs. On the left is an icon of the Scewo BRO wheelchair, and on the right is an icon of a third-party electric wheelchair. The Scewo BRO has five green check marks next to the following advantages: "Overcomes stairs and steps," "Integrated seat lift," "No costly modifications required," "Elegant and ergonomic design," and "Compact transport in car and airplane." The third-party electric wheelchairs have five red crosses next to the same categories, indicating that they do not offer these advantages.


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The Scewo BRO stair-climbing power wheelchair is available starting at 42,800 francs/euros excluding VAT. However, BRO can be fully or partially financed by health insurance companies.

You can finance the Scewo BRO power wheelchair through a health insurance fund/insurance company/agency or privately. In Germany, BRO has an aid number (, which can help with the application to the health insurance company. Depending on the applicant’s situation and degree of disability, the costs of an electric wheelchair may be paid in full or in part.

Get detailed information on financing options in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

People who are severely restricted in their strength and/or mobility due to illness, an accident or other reasons are entitled to funding for an electric wheelchair, such as the Scewo BRO. Depending on the severity of the mobility impairment, a wheelchair-dependent person is classified into care levels 3, 4 or 5 (DE) or disability levels 1 to 4 (CH). It is best to contact your insurance company in advance to obtain information about the requirements for cost coverage.

The Scewo BRO combines two aids in one: an electric wheelchair with intelligent technology and an independently operated stairlift. BRO eliminates the tedious process of expensive and time-consuming renovation work, such as installing stairlifts or ramps in your home. You also save time costs, as BRO gives you greater accessibility in everyday life: you no longer have to avoid everyday obstacles such as stairs, steps or ramps, but can now overcome them quickly and effortlessly at the touch of a button.

There are cases in which the health insurance company/insurance company refuses to fund or subsidize the treatment in whole or in part. In such cases, we are happy to support you in lodging an appeal. Thanks to the efforts of our Customer Advisory Team, many BROs have already been financed in this way. We are also happy to support you in finding alternative financing options (foundations, associations, private).

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