November 16, 2020 | #Events & more

We celebrate our success, despite defeat

The Cybathlon 2020 Global Edition took place on November 13 and 14. Although BRO mastered all obstacles with flying colors, it was only enough for fifth place. Despite everything, we draw a very positive conclusion.

Our way to Cybathlon

What is easy for pedestrians in everyday life becomes an obstacle for many wheelchair users; for example a ramp in front of the restaurant entrance or the two steps down to the supermarket. Exactly such daily situations have to be solved in this competition. For us, the most challenging obstacle is a door that has to be opened and closed without any manpower but with technical assistance. In order to master this task, we developed a robotic arm which should pass the acid test at this Cybathlon.

Strong racers at the start

Of course Scewo Bro has to deliver what he promises, but there is also a lot of pressure on our excellent riders. Fortunately, our two pilots are experienced, highly motivated and have ambitious personalities.

Christian Rusterholz is 54 years old and was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2003. In his spare time he is often out and about on his handbike and plays para badminton. At this year’s Cybathlon he is our main pilot. He is completely convinced of the performance of our wheelchair, but “some obstacles are a real challenge”, he admits.

Basil Dias is 22 years old and has cerebral palsy. He has already participated in the first Cybathlon and is our second pilot. His valuable experience helps the whole team with the preparations.

Satisfied with the result

And then it finally started: BRO drove up stairs, slalomed around tables, and opened a door with the robot arm without any problems. But the competition was much faster. Nevertheless, Scewo CEO Bernhard Winter is anything but disappointed: «Our goal was to overcome all obstacles, and we have managed to do so in all runs». BRO has also improved a lot since the last Cybathlon four years ago: «We had no technical problems and our pilot Christian Rusterholz did a great job». He withstood the pressure and mastered the Parkour with confidence.

Gained insights

The race is over, but the experience remains. «I was particularly surprised by the simple means our wheelchair can open and close a door without any assistance of any kind», says Bernhard Winter about the results of the race. We were also able to push BRO to its limit and test various things. These include driving over thresholds or smaller obstacles. Winter also notes that we should have spent more time to keep up with the other teams: «Our priority this year was clearly the first deliveries of our series model. When we participate again in the next Cybathlon in 2024, we will have to invest more time in training».

Great event despite difficult conditions

Bernhard also pays a big compliment to the organizers, who managed to implement the new format professionally: «The organizers and the teams made the best out of this extraordinary situation and created an exciting event».

We would also like to express our sincere thanks to all our sponsors. Without them, participation and great result would not have been possible.

We’re staying tuned and who knows, maybe we will make it to the podium at the 2024 Cybathlon because as we all know, all good things are three.

You can read more about the Cybathlon and our way there here. You missed our race, but want to see how we did? Here you can find all three races

About Cybathlon

The Cybathlon is a unique competition where people with disabilities compete against each other by completing tasks that are relevant to everyday life using the most modern technical assistance systems. The first Cybathlon took place in 2016 and is held every four years.

Due to Covid-19, this year it will take place in a new global format. Around 70 teams from 23 countries will not start directly next to each other, but each in its home country and under the supervision of CYBATHLON officials.

All information about the CYBATHLON can be found here.