July 17, 2020 | #Events & more

We start with the delivery

For years we have been working towards this day. After all, on Friday the time had finally come: we officially started with the delivery of Scewo BRO. On our surprise occasion we handed over the first two serial units of our wheelchair to the pioneers Michael and José. In short, it was an unforgettable and emotional day that will make history.

When José and Michael drove up to our premises last Friday, unaware of what was happening, we were already standing in line. The sun was shining brightly when we surprised them with a special reception. Under a shower of silver confetti and flying streamers the two of them headed towards the oversized gift packages. When José and Michael pulled the string, the box opened. Now the moment had come: we delivered the first wheelchairs to our very first customers. The joy was huge!

A moment that changes two lives

José and Michael had pre-ordered the stair climber shortly after the opening of the presales almost two years ago. How much this delivery meant to them was already reflected in their faces before they made a first round with Bro. «This power wheelchair will give me a lot of freedom.

For instance, I can now overcome small obstacles, such as door thresholds or curbs, which will make my life easier.» says José enthusiastically. Michael says: «I no longer have to plan ahead, but can go somewhere spontaneously.»

Two pioneers in the spotlight

Numerous media did not want to miss this event. We delivered the first wheelchairs to José and Michael and after that hey were surrounded by microphones for a while. They told their personal story and why they had already ordered Scewo Bro when the project was still in its very beginnings.

Drive training with BRO

After the media hype (Radio StadtfilterTeleZüriLandbote) we adjusted the wheelchairs individually to the two of them and selected the appropriate cushions. Afterwards we went on a trip through Winterthur. On this tour we trained José and Michael in the correct handling of Scewo Bro. They were able to try out all functions in everyday situations

The first Scewo BROs on Swiss roads

After an intense day full of cheering, joy and newly learned skills, José and Michael drove home exhausted but overjoyed with their new wheelchairs. Our hearts also jumped when we let these first wheelchairs out into the big, wide world.

We can hardly wait to meet José or Michael spontaneously on the streets of Switzerland with BRO and are looking forward to their reports from their more flexible and self-determined lives.