November 18, 2020 | #Partners & Business

An all-round satisfied partner

Another BRO has arrived in its new home. And what a home! On November 17th we had the pleasure to hand over their BRO to the team of Rundum Ortho und Reha in Bern. Customers from the region of Bern are now able to take a test drive with them.

Partnership Plus

Our first partner in Switzerland is equipped and trained. A very big step for us and one that was especially dear to us and to Rundum. “We have been working with Scewo for two years. For us this is more than just a partnership”, says Michael Hirsiger, owner of Rundum. Around two years ago, they became aware of us through a news report and immediately identified with our vision. The shifting of boundaries and the creation of freedom are also core goals at Rundum.

A shared vision

Our vision is to make places that were previously inaccessible for wheelchair users accessible again, to break down barriers and contribute to a freer, more independent life. A vision that the guys from Rundum ortho und reha share with us. Just like us, they want to achieve this “with somewhat unconventional approaches and bold projects”, as they say. Nothing stands in the way of a successful collaboration!

Creating trust and acceptance of an aid is fundamental to increasing well-being in everyday life.
Matthias Rothe
Owner of rundum

Shopping as an experience

When you enter the location from Rundum in Bern-Liebefeld, you feel immediately comfortable and in good hands. “We have tried to create a world of experience. The goal is that the customer can experience what our products can do. He should take this experience home with him and tell about it”, Michael explains the concept of the new location. Rundum only moved in in September and they have a lot more planned. The highlights are the climbing wall, which is used for therapy climbing, and the open workshop. Here customers can watch their wheelchairs being maintained. Further on the plan is a parkour behind the house, where you can try out the equipment and a part of a car, where you can try loading and unloading the wheelchair.

People at the center

The human being is the center of attention here. “The worst thing for me would be if a customer wrote as feedback that he was just a number to us,” says Matthias Rothe, Owner of Rundum. The fact that customers are not just numbers also became clear when training the employees. The four participants, Domenic, Markus, Rahel and Joel, tested BRO extensively and gave us a lot of valuable input. They were particularly impressed by BRO’s stair climbing and safety.

We are sure: Not only the customers feel comfortable here, but also our BRO.

Are you interested in a test drive in the Bern area? Then get in touch directly with the Rundum Team:

For years we have been saying that the appearance of aids must become more attractive. Scewo now shows everyone: It is possible!»
Michael Hirsiger
Owner of rundum

About Rundum Ortho and Reha

At the beginning of 2020, Hock’n’roll and Ortea merged and set off on a new adventure with 139 years of experience in the backpack. They moved into the Berne-Liebefeld site in September and are constantly working on implementing ideas. A place where accessibility is lived and raised to a new level.

More about Rundum you can find here.

You want to become our partner? Well then let’s go! We are looking forward to hearing from you!