September 9, 2020 | #Events & more

Scewo Open House: an unforgettable day

At the beginning of September we opened our doors to curious visitors. Our guests got to know our team personally, they learned what is happening all day long in a start-up and celebrated with us accompanied by cozy music, bonfire, food and delicious drinks.

In the Summer, the Corona situation luckily calmed down in Switzerland. And luckily we were able to host our Open House Day on Friday, September 11 – of course under consideration of a strict protection concept. The days before the event, we were concerned about the weather and ordered a portion of sunshine just to be on the safe side. Fortunately, the sun was shining in all its glory on the day and provided perfect conditions for an outdoor party with pleasant temperatures.

Our guests appeared in droves and wanted to know more about who and what exactly is behind Scewo.

Exclusive insights into the daily activities of our teams

How do the employees of Scewo actually spend their whole day? Our guests found the answers at various workplaces. Our engineers dropped the cover around Bro and exposed the soul of the wheelchair. The guys from the electronics department showed our visitors how to bring Bro to life with switches, buttons and cables. The software team explained exactly how the stair climbing principle works with the help of our electrically adjustable stairs, which can simulate different gradients. Visitors to the designers’ booth drew the wheelchair of the future themselves. In the «Planerei», where we come up with the craziest ideas, the motto was: Lights – camera – action! We presented our new commercial! Anyone who wanted to get to know Bro better was of course invited to take a ride. That kept our sales team very busy – it was a full success!

Barbecue at the bonfire and sipping drinks at the bar

Of course we also wanted to treat our guests with food and drinks. They got busy themselves by grilling meat and vegetables on fire rings. We also had a delicious salad buffet as well as snacks. To toast, we offered soft drinks and beer, fine wine from Delinat and Prosecco from Divino. As if that was not enough, our barkeeper (@phildrinks) mixed delicious drinks –  from Mojito to London Mule and a our very special Scewo Signature Cocktail.

Cosy sounds from domesticfuel

The band domesticfuel provided the perfect atmosphere. The group played light-hearted funk until after sunset and contributed to a wonderful evening with their passion for music. As a grande  finale, our in-house DJ lured all party animals onto the dance floor where they danced late into the night.

We thank everyone who visited us and contributed to this great event. We already look forward to the next Open House Day at Scewo.