June 4, 2020 | #Tips & Tricks

Top 7: the best movies with wheelchair users in the leading roles

As we approach the weekend, clouds and rain come in. A good reason to watch one movie after the other without a guilty conscience. Here you will find the ultimate list of the funniest, most dramatic and most romantic feature films starring wheelchair users. Get your popcorn ready! 

Me before you

For the romantics among you, this film is a must-see. The book, filmed by Jojo Moyes, is about Will Traynor. He is a paraplegic willing to die, and his extremely optimistic and cheerful nurse Lou Clark. Love and heartache are pre-programmed. Grab a pack of tissues and look forward to a rollercoaster of emotions. *sniff*

Whrere is Fred?

If you feel more like laughing, then I recommend this film. Fred (Til Schweiger) wants to impress his new flame and therefore wants to catch the basketball of a game for her son, which is traditionally only thrown into the handicapped box. To do so, he has no other choice than to pretend to be a wheelchair user. But it doesn’t stop at this one game and Fred is forced to stay in this role for a longer time. An entertaining movie with lots of black humour, but also emotional drama.

Film only available in German

The magic of Bell Isle

A feel-good film about love and life. If you like the tragicomedy “The Bucket List”, then this one isn’t wrong either. Just because the same director and leading actor is involved. Morgan Freeman plays a successful but alcoholic author who is in a wheelchair and wants to spend some time on Bell Isle. It soon becomes clear that he can’t escape the magic and the people of this place. Just like the viewer can’t escape the magic of this movie.

You are not you

A film drama in which tears shot directly into my eyes – from laughter but also from crying. ? Starring the magnificent Hilary Swank as Kate, who suffers from ALS and needs a nurse because her husband cannot take care of her enough for job-related reasons. The young and chaotic Bec, who is now responsible for taking care of Kate, does not at all correspond to the idea of a typical carer. The worlds of two completely different women collide, and they learn a lot about each other and about themselves. A film about life, love, death and friendship.


Stronger tells the true story of Jeff Baumann, who lost both legs during the bombing of the Boston Marathon while waiting for his girlfriend at the finish line. Starring Oscar-nominated Jake Gyllenhaal, this film gets under your skin. It tells of his fight back to life and his attempts to walk again with prostheses. ? From racing heart to goosebumps and tears of joy, everything was there – just like in real life.

The sessions

A humorous, sincere and touching film that tells the true story of Mark O’Brien, who suffers from polio and is almost completely immobile. At the age of 38, he wants to fulfil a wish: he wants to lose his virginity. As a strict Catholic, however, this means a sin for him. Thanks to a compassionate priest, he finally summons his courage and gets in touch with the sex therapist Cheryl (Helen Hunt). A moving film that brings a taboo subject to the screen in an honest and funny way.


World-famous and already a classic: The French film comedy about the quadriplegic Philipp, who hires a boy, just released from prison, as a nursing assistant and thus turns both their lives upside down. Two people who could not be more opposite. With time a special and deep friendship develops. A life-affirming and inspiring film.