A man in a Scewo BRO power wheelchair with Amboise Castle in the background
October 28, 2022

«No matter where I go, BRO is always with me.»

About two years ago, the very first Scewo BRO found its home with Michael Hagmann. Since then, BRO has accompanied the Swiss on all his adventures.

We visited the technology enthusiast at his home near Walensee. Michael is often out and about in this beautiful landscape, on walks with his family, or on longer trips in his Tesla. During our visit, Michael told us how he takes BRO everywhere with his car and why this is so important to him.


BRO instead of a stair lift

On the outskirts of the village of Sevelen in the canton of St. Gallen, Michael lives with his wife and two practically grown-up children. The first steps await you as soon as you enter the cosy house. The living room and kitchen can only be reached via a stone staircase and the sleeping area can only be reached via many steps as well.

If Michael didn’t have BRO, this would have become a problem very soon. His disease, Bethlem myopathy, is a progressive muscle disease. As a result, he is getting weaker and can hardly climb stairs or walk long distances.

What is Bethlem myopathy?

Bethlem myopathy is a congenital muscle disease and belongs to the collagen VI muscular dystrophies. Bethlem myopathy usually results in slowly progressing muscle weakness in the legs and sometimes also in the arms. Many patients do not require a wheelchair until the middle or late stage of life.

In a population of one million, on average only five people are affected by the rare disease.

(Source: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Muskelkranke)

Companion in all circumstances

Thanks to BRO, however, the dedicated businessman and family man can now still move freely and meet his many commitments. «Since I got BRO, I don’t have to plan ahead as much, I can just go for a drive,» he says enthusiastically. There is also room for BRO in Michael’s Tesla. So the wheelchair is always with him, whether for work or leisure. «BRO restores a lot of flexibility. I can go out for lunch with my work colleagues or go shopping spontaneously after work,» says Michael. «I don’t really go anywhere without BRO. Whether it’s walks, concerts, or longer trips, he’s my constant companion.» 

Überall mit dabei

BRO can be easily loaded into the boot of the car via a ramp using our app. «Loading takes a little time, but I can go everywhere afterwards, even if there are stairs and steps in the way or only a gravel path leading to my destination,» says Michael. Michael’s children are also happy that dad has been able to go everywhere with BRO for two years. «That way we can still go on family trips, almost like we used to. And even bigger trips, like the recent one to Canada, are only possible thanks to BRO,» says his 18-year-old daughter.

Love at first sight

For the computer scientist and electromobility expert, it was obvious from the get-go that he wanted BRO. «When I saw the wheelchair for the first time, I knew immediately: I want it! It was love at first sight, so to speak,» Michael recalls. The fact that he then even got BRO number 001 made him especially happy. «I can still remember the first ride in my own BRO very well. I was still a bit nervous when I got to the first staircase. But then I went up and everything just worked. It was really an awesome feeling,» Michael reminisces. And two years later, it’s still a very happy relationship between him and BRO. «BRO is just super cool and gives me independence and flexibility.»