June 12, 2020 | #Scewo Family

How the Scewo test force pushes our wheelchair to the limit

Excellent engineering also includes intensive testing. We are currently putting BRO through its paces. Like this we ensure that it can withstand all the adversities of a wheelchair user’s daily life. An exclusive insight into how the Scewo Test Force pushes our wheelchair to the limit – and beyond. 

The Scewo Test Force is doing everything it can to really put BRO through the wringer. Three teams, or more precisely the software, mechanics and electronics departments, carry out tests with our wheelchair. In the mechanics, Romy not only pushes our stair climber to the limit with her test series, she also looks for weak points so that we can further perfect it.

Romy, our test chief

«When testing BRO, we put everything we have developed to date under scrutiny. I was particularly interested in setting up a testing facility where we could gain important insights. Especially, we want to ensure the quality of the wheelchairs. At the same time it is a great challenge. Especially because our wheelchair is so new, we have to carry out many extra tests. This is in addition to the tests required by the standards. So I had the chance to come up with a lot of ideas here. I really enjoyed doing this.»

Over hill and dale

With simple objects, such as a wooden bar, we test how BRO reacts to obstacles. Of course not only with both wheels, but also with only one wheel. BRO didn’t even bat an eyelash at the four centimetre obstacle. ?

The slopes around Scewo Office are ideal for trying out different manoeuvres on different gradients. With the garage ramp of almost 10° degrees of inclination, we test how the wheelchair behaves on slopes that are too steep. Nevertheless, we prescribe a maximum gradient of 6 degrees in driving mode.

The versatile stair climbing test

In order to test the core element, the stair climbing function, the team constructed an electrically adjustable staircase. Simply fantastic! We can simulate the various gradients with just one staircase. This staircase has become the favourite object of the Testing Force and is used extensively. It is not only functional, but also quite stylish and fits perfectly into our office.? Of course, we also regularly test natural stone stairs or stairs with different step heights or depths directly in nature.

«Keep Rolling»

In order to test how long the power unit can withstand, it is operated on site for several days. At present it has been running for three days – without interruption. It seems that it will achieve the goal of at least 500 kilometres without any problems.

Hammer Blow

Using violence against BRO is probably the last thing we want. However, for the sake of our clients, we cannot avoid giving BRO a few hard punches.

Of course Romy does not use her fists. Instead, she got inspired by the TÜV and without further hesitation built a copy of their pendulum. With this pendulum, our electric wheelchair can be struck at different points. For example on the tracks or the foot support. This is used to test the construction on the one hand and the effects of external impact on the other. Of course, we will then repair BRO afterwards. And this is how the Scewo Test Force pushes our wheelchair to the limit.

Toughness test

Not only we, but also the TÜV tests our wheelchair extensively. In the so-called “drop test” they let BRO fall from a height of 5 centimetres – a whole 6666!!! times. We were sceptical whether our wheelchair could pass this test. But BRO is tough and succeeded in this test with excellence!

Sometimes heavy, sometimes light

May we introduce… This is the dummy, our «test person», who is sometimes lighter and sometimes heavier. We want to test whether our wheelchair can overcome all obstacles and drive agilely, even with its maximum weight of 120 kilograms. Therefore, a dummy – consisting of metal plates – is placed on it. We can stack these metal plates as desired to simulate different body weights.

Ready for the big, wide world

The last tests are being carried out with Bro these days so that the first units are ready for delivery to our customers. Thanks to the many intensive tests, we can let BRO out into the real world with a good feeling. We are sure that he will master all challenges there just as well as on our test circuit.