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August 25, 2022

«BRO enhances the wheelchair image enormously.»

Deep in the Viamala Gorge, Phil and BRO clicked for the first time. Now they set sail on a new adventure and traveled to Singapore. Discover how traveling by plane worked out and why Phil got all the drinks at the disco for free here.

About three years ago, we fulfilled Phil’s wish to discover the depths of the Viamala Gorge with BRO. Now he was traveling to Singapore with one of our BROs: «The University of St. Gallen organized a 14-day summer school and asked various schools to nominate the best and most suitable students. Phil was nominated by his school and received an invitation to Singapore», Mirko, Phil’s father, tells us proudly. And so it was time to pack the suitcases, register BRO with the airline and off they went to Southeast Asia

Traveling with BRO

«For the flight to Singapore, I registered BRO with the airline’s barrier-free service and received a rejection at the first attempt», Mirko describes his experience. However, he then pointed out the IATA guidelines and explained the situation, whereupon he quickly received written confirmation. When they checked in, everything went smoothly thanks to the pre-registration. «On the return journey, I also registered BRO again, but unfortunately did not receive any feedback. But even without confirmation, BRO could be carried along without any problems», says Mirko.

Air transport

BRO is approved for transport in aircraft. You can find everything you need to know and valuable tips in our blog article on the subject of «Flying with a power wheelchair».

No BROblemo

«BRO has been a great help in all aspects. Starting with getting to university. With BRO, I can travel quickly, flexibly, and in style», says Phil. Also, the height adjustment mode allows him to sit at a desk during classes and at a standing table during breaks. «We had lectures each morning and visited different start-ups or explored Singapore in the afternoon. On top of that, we did various charity work, such as collecting rubbish on the beach and packing food for people in need», Phil tells us about the trip. Mirko adds, «We covered about 20 kilometers a day, went to the zoo and the botanical gardens. All no BROblem.»

First wheelchair user in the disco

Of course, an appropriate evening programme was not to be missed. «We went to various bars where the height adjustment mode came in super handy», Phil tells us. One evening, they visited a disco that is only accessible via stairs. When Phil took BRO onto the dance floor, the DJ was speechless at first and said he was the first wheelchair user in this disco and on top of that with such a cool device. The result: all of Phils drinks were on the house. «There were several other situations where we were able to avoid significantly further distances thanks to the stair mode or could only get to our destination thanks to BRO», comments Mirko. Using public transport was also completely easy with BRO, Phil tells us: «With the big wheels, I was able to manage small steps into the train effortlessly in drive mode. Only the ramp of a public bus was too steep, so I had to switch to the very slow track mode, which was not quite optimal, but still worked.»

More acceptance in society

The trip was not only a highlight for Phil, but also for his father: «The whole program was tremendous, but BRO made the fairy tale perfect». In addition to the functions, the design of BRO also has clear advantages for him: «BRO enhances the wheelchair image enormously and the acceptance in society was perceived to be much greater». The seat height, which is already higher in driving mode, and the height adjustment mode also contribute to this: «This is ideal because it allows Phil to communicate at eye level».

BRO in everyday life

Now it’s back to everyday life: «I’m starting my studies in autumn and BRO will significantly expand my independence and my mobility radius.» BRO is a great enrichment for his daily life. With his other power wheelchair, Phil can only cover short distances and travelling by train is also difficult due to the small front wheels.

We look forward to all of Phil’s further adventures and to accompanying him along the way.