December 15, 2022 | #Scewo Family

Around the world with BRO

BRO has taken us on countless adventures around the globe. We reminisce about the many great places where BRO has left its tire tracks so far.


We’re starting with a review of the journey to the «land of unlimited possibilities». Last summer, our two founders, Thomas and Beni, dipped their toes into the big American market. For two weeks they did the research for a future expansion and found out that the interest in BRO is definitely there in the USA as well.

Zack Nelson aka «JerryRigEverything», usually takes cars and cell phones apart or tests crazy gadgets. But since his wife Cambry is in a wheelchair, he also devotes himself time and again to the question of how to make the world barrier-free. So naturally, Zack and Cambry didn’t pass up the chance to put our BRO through its paces and take a video of the test drive.

Cambry, who has been a paraplegic for 17 years, was thrilled with BRO: «It feels like BRO is a part of me, I really love that.»
Find out how she felt on her first stair ride and what she and her husband think about BRO in the video from «JerryRigEverything».


We continue our Advent journey with our neighbors in Germany. Germany is the country where the most BROs are on the road!

There are already 14 partners and many enthusiastic BRO drivers in the German Scewo Family. This always results in exciting and emotional reports of experiences. For example the one from Felix and Julia.

«The mood at home is much more relaxed since BRO moved in with us,» says Julia. Julia’s husband Felix has had BRO for six months, and the two have found that the wheelchair has not only made their lives easier but also eased the strain on their relationship. Read their story on our blog.

Great Britain

At Naidex in England, BRO was able to present itself to the British public for the first time. Accessibility in public transport was a particularly important topic. Just taking a short ride on the London Underground – not as easy as it sounds for wheelchair users.
Read below how BRO can support you in traveling by public transport and help you regain your independence.

Public transportation is becoming more accessible for wheelchair users, but there are still challenges to overcome. This includes, for example, a broken elevator at the train station.
Thanks to BRO, however, this is no longer a problem, as our globetrotter Michael has already discovered: «At train stations, lifts are often broken, but with BRO I can fortunately just take the stairs!»
We have collected tips and experiences from our community in a blog post on the many other hurdles that public transport holds in store, and have compiled some helpful links. So now you are well prepared for your next trip, no matter where it takes you and your wheelchair!


Now we’re off to a country known for its beautiful mountain scenery with BRO – but no, not yet to Switzerland! After all, our eastern neighbors have equally breathtaking views. However, hilly landscapes like in Austria are not always accessible for wheelchair users, as viewing platforms or mountain restaurants are often only accessible via stairs.
Within the project of «Scewo fulfills wishes», we have therefore made a trip to the mountains possible for people who did not (yet) have a BRO.

Due to a congenital muscle disease, Nora is dependent on a wheelchair. As a result, she cannot experience many things that girls her age can do. So her joy was all the greater when she was able to go high up in the Alps with BRO on «Scewo fulfills wishes». And Daniela, Nora’s mother, also had tears of joy in her eyes: «Nora has a lot of restrictions in her everyday life and when she can do something special, it’s always the greatest thing for me.»
Watch the emotional trip again in the video now.

South Africa

Thanks to the two large wheels, our wheelchair easily copes with different terrains. BRO can also drive on sand, as long as it is not too loose and deep. BRO has even been able to leave its tire tracks on the beach in Cape Town!
Read below what our BRO driver Reto experienced during his adventure in South Africa and what tips he has for traveling with BRO.

Traveling with a wheelchair often requires additional planning. With BRO, however, many of the uncertainties fall away, as you can also overcome many unforeseen obstacles. Reto also made this experience during his trip to Cape Town: «Thanks to BRO, I am independent and not dependent on help.»
And who would have thought that even penguins are interested in our BRO?!
You can read more about Reto’s trip in our blog now.


We also have fond memories of BRO’s adventures in Singapore! As part of the Summer School at the University of St. Gallen, Phil travelled to the Asian city-state with his father Mirko and a BRO. Find out below how BRO not only enabled Phil to attend school at eye level with his colleagues, but also to have many other unique experiences.

«With BRO I can travel fast, flexibly, and chic,» Phil enthused after his trip to Singapore with BRO. Many doors opened for the student when he travelled with BRO – quite literally! For example, he was able to visit a club whose entrance is only accessible via stairs. And because the DJ was so enthusiastic about the «cool device», he bought Phil and his father all the drinks of the evening without further ado!
Read more about Phil’s adventure with BRO in the experience report!


Crazy skyscrapers, dazzling lights and the most modern technologies: Dubai is known as the «city of superlatives». BRO has already been allowed to do its rounds in the desert city and has almost felt at home – because our wheelchair also makes everyday life easier for you with its modern technologies.
For example with the remote control mode in our app, which makes loading BRO look like child’s play.

Controlling BRO completely remotely via the app and thus loading it into the car or driving it to the sofa: Piece of cake thanks to the remote control mode!
Michael, one of our most experienced BRO drivers, travels a lot for business and pleasure and is therefore particularly pleased with this function. Now he can easily load his wheelchair into the car: «No matter where I go, BRO is always with me.»
See how you can use the remote control mode in your everyday life in the video.


In these cold temperatures, BRO also dreams of faraway countries and the warmth of the sun. Thailand, for example, with its temples and white beaches. He can’t fly there himself (yet), but travelling by plane is also a lot of fun for him. To make your journey as comfortable as possible, not only for BRO but also for you, there are a few tips below that you should take to heart.

«If you prepare a little, flying with BRO works perfectly», BRO driver Reto knows from experience. Would you also like to travel to distant countries with your power wheelchair, but are unsure how to prepare for it?
We asked our community and put together a few tips to make your trip easier.


Next, BRO’s world tour takes us to the land of bears, moose, and maples. Last summer, Michael took our very first BRO to Canada. A trip that would never have been possible for the father of two without BRO.
But the trip was not only very special for Michael, but also for his family.

«Since I have BRO, I no longer have to plan ahead so much and can travel almost anywhere,» Michael says enthusiastically. The father of two young adults has a rare form of muscular dystrophy and is therefore dependent on a wheelchair in his everyday life.
BRO now enables him to go on longer trips with his family again.
Read more about Michael’s adventures with BRO in our blog!


Red, yellow, pink – these are not new BRO colours, but the colour palette of the Dutch tulip fields, which BRO has also already explored. The only BRO that has probably seen more flowers so far is the one of our BRO driver Anne from Winterthur.

Thanks to BRO, many of our wheelchair users can lead independent lives again. This is also the case for our BRO driver Anne: «With BRO, I can do things again that would otherwise be impossible for me, such as visiting the market,» she told us. Anne not only likes to buy fresh flowers there but also regional food. As a former food engineer and passionate food blogger, visiting the weekly market is an important part of her everyday life.
In our video, Anne tells us how she’s living as independently as possible thanks to BRO and despite having MS.


The second to last country on BRO’s Advent tour is not only known for its good food, but also for many historical sights. BRO driver José often travels to Italy for both business and pleasure. For his specialty shop «La Peppina» he always has to visit suppliers in our neighbouring country and with his family he likes to look at ancient buildings or go out to eat in traditional restaurants.

José was one of the first two people to receive a BRO. Thus he has already experienced and discovered a lot with BRO: «With BRO, I can visit places no wheelchair user has ever seen before,» he says proudly. These include catacombs, golf courses or the odd Italian restaurant with an old stone staircase in front of the entrance.
Find out more about José’s everyday life with BRO and which travel plans he is still making in the experience report.


And just like that, we’ve reached the last stop on BRO’s world tour: it’s home country, Switzerland. Here, 8 years ago, the idea for the coolest wheelchair sprang from the minds of a few students, from which Scewo AG was finally founded in 2017. The team around Bernhard, Thomas, and Pascal grew into the 50-strong Scewo Family. Together with our community, we travel the world with BRO and overcome obstacles to make the world more accessible for everyone.

On this last day of our advent calendar, we venture a look into the future together with our CEO and Co-Founder Bernhard Winter: «We are already looking forward to discovering many more places with BRO and making the world accessible to even more people!»

Thank you for joining and shaping our exciting journey in 2022! We wish you and your loved ones a happy holiday season and look forward to the adventures 2023 has in store for us!

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